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Recruiting season is in full gear and has everything covered. A lot will be happening for the Hurricanes over the next couple months so we're giving you a great chance to take advantage of it.


Recruiting season is in full gear and National Signing Day is next week. The news will be coming hot and heavy over the next eight days and will be on top of all the action.

National Signing Day is considered the most important day of the year to college football fans and it'll be no different here on this year. We plan on having all-day coverage of all the events, live coverage from various locations, a live chat session, complete analysis of all the players the Canes signed, and best of all is that we'll have plenty of stories detailing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that went on this recruiting season.

Immediately after signing day will be jumping right into our coverage of the top prospects from the Class of 2011. The Canes have been busy recruiting those players lately and we'll have complete coverage of players to watch and what the top players are saying about the Canes.

Then in March starts spring football. Year four of the Randy Shannon era will be underway and will be there for all the action, providing daily reports on everything that's going on with the team.

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