Shannon: Recruiting Q&A

The recruiting class of 2010 is now in the books. 28 new players are now signed with the Canes and head coach Randy Shannon talked about a lot of them, how the Canes did, what they looked for, how they filled needs, and much more.

On this year's recruiting class:
It's another year, another signing day. It's a good time. We feel like we got a great class that can help us make that next step in college football. Anytime you look at a class, you see what did you need. Our needs were offensive linemen, tight ends, and linebackers, and we addressed those in this class for the long term. We went after the players we felt could fit at Miami to be successful.

On early enrollees:
We have six guys who are enrolled now -- Tyrone Cornileus, Malcolm Bunche, Shane McDermott, Storm Johnson, Allen Hurns, and Stephen Morris. Most of the time, guys who come in January, those guys can help us. Last year, Mike James and Curtis Porter, the year before with Sean Spence and Jacory and Forston. Anytime you get them here in January it gets you caught up to speed of the game, the mental phase, the learning process, and you get adapted to school. Anyone coming in January, he'ss gonna learn offense and defense instead of in August trying to learn the snap count. You get all those things done in spring. By the fall its 2nd nature to you.

On filling needs:
You look at the tight end postiion -- we have 2 guys retrurning. We say offensive line and linebacker are the next priorities because of depth issues at those positions. We feel like those guys, for the long term, can help us do things. You never know if someone can come in an do what Orlando (Franklin) did his first year.

On signing three TE's:
You try to find big gus like that. You dont find true tight ends. Andrew Tallman played tight end. These guys are out of state of Florida. Asante played tight end and also flexed out at receiver. You have to go find those guys. Guys who are big, fast, can run, then you coach them how to block. If you can get a 6-4, 6-5, 215 to 230 guy, then you know hes gonna be a tight end.

On TE Clive Walford:
He's like Dedrick. He played wide receiver in high school. He started playing this year. We saw him in the spring jamboree.

On lack of production from kids:
Look at Santana Moss -- a lot of people didn't know he was. I was fortunate enough, because Carol City was my high school, they run the wishbone. They throw once or twice a game but Santana his senior year caught 8 passes but 7 for touchowns. If you didn't go to evaluate, you don't get a feel for how good he was. We try to evaluate kids in south Floridaa more heavily than anyone else does. You have guy like Tavares Gooden, who played defensive end. We projected him to play linebacker. He did a great job for us here. You have to count on what you believe in.

On DT Delmar Taylor:
Delmar played 5 games over at Miami Beach. If you didn't catch those first 5 games you couldnt evaluate. He had explosive hips, he was a tough kid, a smart kid.

On evaluating RB's:
When i was in NFL, there are things you gotta look at. You wanna see a running back's yards after contact. What we look for, when you are a running back, you know teams who have great athletes and teams that arent very tough. You will see guys who play hard vs some teams and not hard vs other teams. Why are his rushing yards not up? As a coach, you have to find it and evaluate it. We do a great job of evaluating who played who. Some teams arent very good. You play a team thats very good and he don't even show up. When things get tough, will he play hard? You gotta be careful recruiting like that.

On just one QB:
We're fine. We have an opportunity to recruit some quarterbacks in the south Florida area and throughout country next year. Jacory has two years left, the guy next year will get a chance. Even when we had Dorsey, no one would come when dorsey was a freshman or sophomore.

On going out of state:
It's not that going out of state is key.Oour areas have always been New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Louisiana, California, and Texas. We went to California -- same as DJ, Winslow, and Dorsey. Leon williams was from New York. Russell Maryland was from chicago. Our format is the same as its been in the past because that's where were geting great players from.

On Jeremy Davis:
I've known Jeremy since he was a little runt from Phil (Buchanan). He's a great athlete, a great talent. He's a phenomenal athlete, will be competing for state track meet. I didnt think he'd sprout up that tall. We're excited to have him part of this program.

On the DB's:
You look at our secondary -- Jeremy Davis, Kacy Rodgers, Keion Payne, and Devont'a -- all played boith sides of ball. Keion played both ways at Dillard. You get guys who can play both ways. Ed Reed and Sean Taylor and even Ray Ray, they played quarterback, receiver, so when they went to defense it was natural. We want guys who can do a variety of things.

On using friends to find kids:
A lot of kids in this class, friends have called myself or coaches on this staff to tell them about a player in this class. One in the last couple weeks in recruiting we found a physical, fast kid (Jimmy Gaines), evaluated his tape. Our coaches got film -- one bad team and one good team. We like what we saw. He's a big time athlete, did some other things.

On a new recruiting coordinator:
Yes, Coach Hill.

On just one WR and three RBs:
We got receivers on this team, got Allen Hurns. There are 1 or 2 guys still out there. You don't wanna cut yourself short at tight end. That was big time need for us. Once you address those needs you become better as a team. We dont know extent of Cooper. Damien Berry is a senior. Then Lee and Mke James is it. We gotta get guys for this class, for the future. We try to address issues like if Coop wasnt coming back. You're one play away from Berry or Mike getting hurt. We dont wanna put ourselves in that situation.

On OL Brandon Linder:
He playrd guard, center, and tackle. In the Army game, he was the only center the entire game. That tells you something. He had variety, brings value to your team because he does three different things.

On TE Chase Ford:
Look at his size. He's lined at receiver, tight end, dominated, caught the ball, got in open space, ws very physical, and had the ability to get away from people.

On kids playing other sports:
Jermaine Barton played basketball. Jeffrey Brown is a great wrestler. He's 39-1 and going for the state playoffs right now. He's an unbelievable wrestler. Kelvin Cain is a real good basketball player.

On TE Andrew Tallman:
We found him because he ran the 400 hurdles. Coach Stoutland watched him run. We saw a big guy running hurdles, turned on film and got an athletic kid here. He's a tight end.

On RB Darion Hall:
We watched him his junior year, the things he did as junior. They graduated a lot of guys, didnt have players around him as a senior, especially on the offensive line. We like how he ran the football. Talk to teams in that area, they talked about him as young man, as football player. They see him on sidelines cheering guys on. His mom is the one. Sitting in the home, this guy's sitting up. She says, 'Coach what makes you like him?' Sometimes kids are slouching, hand on their heads, watching TV. He was on the edge of his seat, upright, and paying attention. She said thats my boy and she'll get into him if he dont. Thats what you gotta recruit. If you get great football players who have structure, those are things i really admired about him.

On the number of players recruited:
They see it for themselves. We had a lot of recruits call us, a lot just called this morning that wanted to come. We dont have scholarships. Unfortunately our numbers at this position, there isnt one for you. It has really helped us out. Guys we've got in this class, when it started ... We normally recruit 36 guys every year. That first year when we took 34, we recruited about 44. We dont try to recruit 100 guys. We get our section, guys we griond. In the end, we miss about eight of them. We dont waste money or time. We concentrate on guys we have great chance with. You cant go recruiting 60 guys because giving quality time to 60 guys is hard.

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