Interview: Spencer Whipple

Read on to see what quarterback Spencer Whipple was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On the group of Qbs
I'm in Jacory's class and Aj's class and I hang out with Stephen during the day were all good friends. We have a good time in the meeting rooms and we can laugh and joke around off the field.

On the shot at #2 qb
I'm just going out and competing, every rep is an opportunity. I'm trying not to think of the big picture just go out every day and compete. Study the playbook in your off time and just be ready when your number is called

On playing for his dad
It makes it easier because he is there and he can talk to me, and ive known him my whole life and he knows how to talk to me and calm me down when things aren't going well and when things are going well he knows how to keep me focused and it's great to have him around and be able to talk to him face to face. He does a good job of being unbiased, we all have equal reps and he will play the best player and he will organize the depth chart accordingly. He's not going to have any favorites one way or another

On transferring from two schools
It has been a new system each year but I'm fortunate because I can learn so many different schemes and different people like to teach different things and I can put them all together and one day if I become a coach I can have all these different past experiences with playbooks and people and its been good for me. We'll see how it goes but coaching could be an opportunity in a couple of years

What year he is
I am a redshirt junior in football but a junior in school.

On learning from his dad
When he was in college I hung around the practices and when he was working with the Steelers in the NFL I started to get more interested in the playbooks. As I got older I got more interested in the schemes and the X's and O's but I always tried to be around and go to practices and games.

When he first learned the X's and O's
Freshman year at Pitt I got into a good system and he taught me a lot and he taught me a lot about the NFL system very similar to here. It was really the first time I started picking up on the X's and O's.

If he knew any of the Qaurterbacks his Dad coached
I knew Ben a little bit but not really close he came to one of my high school games. I would see him after the games and he is a real cool guy.

On helping the other Qb's
Whenever they ask for help ill help them or if I see them doing something different than my dad wants but I don't want to be on them every second because I know how it is when someone is always on top of you, but if they need the help I am always there to help them

On the type of QB he is
I try to pride myself on being a leader and controlling the game and making the plays with my feet and my arm. I may not have the biggest arm but I always try to make all the right reads.The only time ive played in a college game was at umass and it was against the university of Bryant when I completed one pass for 16 yards then I handed off and he fumbled.

Scholarship offers
I was a walk on at Pitt and then I got a scholarship at Umass and now I am on scholarship here. I mostly had 1AA scholarship offers coming out of high school. But I decided to walk on at Pitt

On Miami being the right place for him
I felt like it was destiny when I was growing up I was a really big Miami fan for no particular reason. Just loved them a lot. When I was growing up Ken Dorsey was my favorite player. When my dad got here I just started thinking that I had a shot to play down here to try to walk on. When I first got here I wasn't on scholarship but now I am.

On talking to his dad about coming to Miami
He told me that they had just lost two quarterbacks. They had already named the starter for two years at Umass soI figured coming down here would be good because if I was going to run scout team at Umass I would be better off running scout team at Miami. I just try to capitalize on every rep that they give me we are all getting equal reps now and its exciting and I love having the opportunity to play here

How tall he is
I'm 6 foot 2

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