Interview: Stephen Morris

Read on to see what quarterback Stephen Morris was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On Jacory Harris mentoring him
He helps me out a lot, today he was helping me in practice when I made a couple mental errors, overall he is a great leader and a great help. He just walked over by himself, he is a cool cat and a great guy to learn from.

Goals for spring
Help the team out anyway I can, I just want to help out any way I possibly can.

On enrolling early
I think it was really monumental to enroll early, and it helps me out mentally. Coaches really stress me to understand the playbook and learn the playbook because that is the point of spring the coaches go over the basics with you. So that way in the summer when things really start to pick up I'll be ahead.

Adjustment to the playbook
The best part about that is Whipple because he takes it one step at a time it is a completely different playbook and it is much bigger than I expected. Every day I ask Whipple what I should do for the day and he helps me out every time and Jacory, AJ, and Spence help me out all the time too.

Going from high school to college
Being at the next level feels amazing. it's a lot of fun and every single time I come out here I know I just have to get better just being here is a great opportunity for me

What areas he wants to improve
Coach Whipple has helped me a lot with my mechanics and I'm still getting better and I am still antsy in the pocket but coach Whipple helps me out with that. I just want to get better with my footwork and developing my reads as well as reading coverages

Speed difference
I knew that when I was in high school because when I visited here I could tell but practicing it was a lot faster than I expected.

Last season at high school
Junior year we had great players but senior year we had a lot of injuries and coach started to depend on me a lot more so I tried to do the best I could.

Finalists other than Miami
Purdue, Northwestern, FIU, UCF .But I knew I wanted to go to Miami all along because of the atmosphere and the coaches. Jacory is a great leader and mentor and so is AJ, Spencer, so I knew I would have a chance to do my best and learn from them . I grew up loving Miami and I am proud I have an opportunity to play for the U.

On his demeanor
I take it very seriously learning the playbook but at the same time you just have to have fun. Everything is a learning a process and once you know that you will be fine.

On being in the spotlight for spring because Jacory is hurt
I try not to think about it I try to go out and just do everything I can for the team. Jacory is still here and he is around and obviously he has the number one spot I just try to learn the play book and help the team.

On Jacory being hurt
It helps me and Aj and Spence get a lot of reps and Jacory will be back it helps us get better in the spring and he will be ready for the summer.

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