Shannon recaps day 1

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On spring football
Spring football no pads guys have been flying around and I noticed some good things. Some of the veteran guys have helped the guys who came in in January with the tempo. They start off a little slow but as time goes on you see those guys pick it up and start running around a lot. It was a good tempo for the first day a lot of enthusiasm a lot of excitement, but like anything were not in pads yet so you really don't know what's going on.

On physical nature of practice
I wouldn't call it ferocious, but the tempo and what were trying to get done is more of a run game emphasis so of course guys are going to use their hands in technique and when you have that type of mentality it works out for the best.

On the Qbs behind Jacory
For the first day they didn't do anything wrong. But we have to watch the tape and see where they made the mistakes. They executed what we wanted to do on offense, which is good you see them stepping up and some of them have been here since January so that situation gives us a chance because we get two hours a week with them, so that was a really positive thing for us

On the first day of hitting
Tomorrow just helmets. Wednesday uppers. Saturday we will be doing some more contact. We are only allowed three scrimmages. 75% of the practices will be just helmets and uppers the other 25% we can get some scrimmage type stuff in. We get the spring game, lockhart stadium and the coaches clinic for the scrimmages.

Body changes
A lot of guys have changed their bodies. The offensive line and the defensive line have gotten bigger and leaner. You look at the guys who were freshman two years ago and one of them that is completely changed is Laron Byrd. All of them increased their strength and speed and their bodies have matured. You expect them to be stronger mentally and physically.

On Shayon Green
Its going to take time to find out what the kid can and can't do

Jacory limitations
He goes through the drills and what not but we keep him out of the throwing motion because hes going through rehabilitation but we have him still do drills to keep his footwork and stuff like that.

Jacory Mentoring
Coach Whipple is the one who runs the qbs and he makes sure that the guys understand what they need to do as far as executing the plays.

On the WR unit taking the next step
I think the whole team needs to take the next step not just the receivers. All of the guys who are freshman are now juniors and now they are mature we need to take the next step.

On Marcus Forston
Marcus is going to sit out the whole spring.

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