Interview: Olivier Vernon

Read on to see what defensive end Olivier Vernon was saying after practice today.

On injuries last year
I had a knee brace but im good right now. Who knows what's going to happen injuries are going to happen but guys try to keep their head up and they bounce back good and new. The line is going to be perfect, we have all our guys and were going to be ready for the season

On new DL coach Rick Petri
He is a cool cool dude. Some coaches come in and don't fit in but he fits in really well with everybody else. He is a real funny guy. I know he coached back here in 94, sometimes he talks about that too.

On number of sacks
That is our goal right there to increase that number

On last year for him
Last year was a learning experience and now I'm a vet sort of. I might as well call myself a vet I'm just trying to get ready start the season.

On improvements
Technique wise and remembering all the plays. Last year I was a little forgetful sometimes but I have been working on it. I have been working on my hand movement and placement

On left or right side
Coach Petri has us work both sides of the field, I work more on the right side. In high school I did right side also. It isn't that tough it'll take a little to get used to playing either side but I'll get used to it.

On the team goal and personal goals for sacks
Were trying to break records out here. I am trying to break the record myself that is one of my goals. I want to lead the team in sacks, I want to break the record in sacks. I want to break the record this year. I just have to work hard

On his weight
I weigh 245 and I came in 240 and I feel good around that weight. I'm feeling healthy

Team goals for spring
Everyone to get on the right track, we are trying to do big things and win a national championship

Weight lifting numbers
Bench 345 squat 475 power clean 342

On Petri changing the regimen
No he hasn't gotten into that with us yet, its all coach Swasey.

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