Interview: Tommy Streeter

Read on to see what wide receiver Tommy Streeter was saying after practice today.

Things to work on this spring
"I just want to get more aggressive coming to the ball, attacking it. I guess attacking the defender, you know always getting better at blocking. Just staying in the film room, staying close to my coaches and learning from them. They know what I need to get better at and they'll get me where I need to be by the time the season starts."

On any one receiver standing out beyond the rest
"Well I feel like each guy has something that someone else doesn't, so I can't really compare the guys, like Kendal Thompkins, he's so quick and so swift, as well as Thearon in the slot. Guys like me, Hank, and Aldarius, we're not as fast as them, but guys like Travis have great speed to go get the ball. Hank runs great routes, has great hands. Aldarius, Byrd are both physical. Everybody brings something different to the table."

On his best skills
"I would say deep balls and locating the ball and using my speed to run past defenders."

If he was surprised that he was called on in the bowl game
"No, I wasn't surprised. Going into the bowl game, Coach Whip told me they always said I was one of the best deep ball guys, so coach said he'd give me an opportunity. So going into the game that play was designed for me, I had been working on it all week in practice so I knew when the play was called it was coming to me."

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