Interview: Damien Berry

Read on to see what running back Damien Berry was saying after practice today.

On the spring
Guys just come in and want to get better. I'm just hoping to get better for the season

On a different focus for this year
It's pretty much everyone fighting for the role of starter. My focus is to be the best leader I can be on and off the field

On what he wants to improve
I want to be an all around running back and I want to be able block better to pass protect and I want to be able to run routes and just be the total package. My patience in my running and my pass protection is what I really need to work on

Personal goal for Spring
To get better each and every day and to make sure my team follows me.

Team goals
We just need to score more touchdowns, I need to stress that. Both running and passing.

On being in the running for starter
It's a good opportunity I'm still fighting for the job we have great backs Mike James, Storm Johnson, Lee chambers will be back and Coop will be back for the season. I'm still fighting if I'm the guy I'm the guy but if not ill keep fighting to be that guy.

On why he isn't getting 25 carries a game
I never question my coach's judgment when they give me the ball is when they need me everything is on Coach Shannon. It didn't bother me because every time I got in I have an opportunity to help my team either way I have the chance to help my team I'm going to help them

On getting better with more carries
I think I get better as the team needs me. Less carries or more carries it doesn't matter I am going to try to get better

On surprising people
I think I surprised a lot of people last year thanks to my teammates for keeping me up. Jacory and Aldarius and those guys keeping me focused just telling me to keep working. Pat Hill, Graig, and Javarris too.

On last year
I enjoyed the opportunity Thank god for letting me get in and do the things I did

On surprising himself
Some games I surprised myself but I always set personal goals before the game when I talk to Swasey and those guys we always set personal goals for the game and expectations for the game but I really didn't surprise myself that much I always knew I could do it

On this year not surprising other teams
Nothing is going to change the way I run people might be surprised at how I'm running because a lot of things have changed in my game from last year

His mentality running the ball
Punish or be punished either I'm going to run through you or you are going to hurt me so I would rather run through you. I had that mentality on defense and offense I just transfer it over. I don't want to be the guy receiving the blow I want to be the guy delivering it

Who taught him that
It came from coach Fields in high school he said "don't ever let anybody punk you in a game". So I took it as punish or get punished. Every day I'm going to try to get better I'm going to try to punish everyone; I am going to try to crush the blitzers. Coach Stoutland always says crush the blitzers

His weight
I'm 211 and I feel good and I'll probably go little lower. Last season I was at 205

Number for weight lifting
318 on the hang clean, but I can't remember the other ones.

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