Interview: DL coach Rick Petri

Read on to see what new defensive line coach Rick Petri was saying following today's practice.

On returning to Miami:
It's a little bit easier when you come to Miami. Everything's much bigger than where I came from. It's a lot more comfortable this time. It's an easy feeling.

On if things have changed:
I would hope. 95 is when I left. I would hope I've gotten better. With age you get better. I like to think I study the game. I try to get better every year. Every year, I wanna do a better job than the last year. I'm always finding ways to make the players better.

On the discussion with Shannon about the job:
I said OK. Randy and I have known each other since 93. I trust him. Hopefully he trust me. We're friends. He called me to come. I asked my wife. It was an easy decision. It's exciting to come back. It was good timing for me.

On being welcomed back here:
The first thing I got were texts, calls from ex-players. When you leave here, you never leave. You're always part of the program. I came back to Ole Miss. I didn't come back to Miami. I came home to Miami. My wife is looking forward to getting down here. We got a son playing baseball at Western Kentucky. He's a junior and she'll be there with him. I'll live through her for those games. I'm living on campus right now. I'm in an apartment. In a short time, I'll find a place to live. When your kids get to a point, you can't both leave. His name is Kory. He's an outfielder. He's 21. I have an older one, Brad, in Nashville who is an engineer.

On his current group of DL:
Very good. The whole situation's been very good. They're big-eyed, they wanna get better. It's always been that way here. They push each other to get better. There isn't a selfish one in the group. As far as who's better, I don't know that yet. We've had two practices, no pads. They'll know more about what I'm trying to get done. It'll be a good learning experience. 13 more practices. We'll find out what happens at the end. They wanna learn, they wanna be good. We should be good.

On expectations here:
What are the expectations here? It's to be good. It was like that when I was here before. I don't think it's changed. How good? I don't know but I wanna be good. We wanna uphold the tradition and carry on that.

On moving around a lot as a coach:
It's what you make of it. It's fun and not fun. It would be nice to pay on a house for longer than five or six years. It's hard on families more than the coach, especially when it's school-age for the kids. You make friends in different places. Once in awhile, my son will hear from someone down here.

On any standouts so far:
It's hard for me to make any evaluation physically. We are defensive linemen and contact is involved. It's difficult to make an evaluation. I'm still trying to learn names, schemes. I've been here two weeks. I'm pleased with their attitudes. They wanna work, they wanna get better, and I'm pleased with that.

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