Interview: Mike James

Read on to see what running back Mike James was saying after practice today.

On number change
It was nothing I just had that number in high school so I just wanted to keep it going but I had to wait my turn to get it. I miss JJ but I love this 5

On being in shells for the first time this spring
It was very exciting we did a lot of different things with the shells on like blitz pickup with no shells on you really can't do as much fun stuff.

On the running back battle
We just approach it like it's a competition every day. All of our backs are ready to play when they are called on. We just approach it as a friendly competition and hard work. Everybody wants to be the starter but it's all about who works hard. It's never going to be " I get more playing time than you, you get more playing time than me" stuff its more about the team. It's all about helping the team.

Rb relationship
We always hang out, we go out to eat now and then we always do things together we have great chemistry .

On being back at tailback
I love it. I'm glad I'm back and I get to run the ball more. I'm glad I'm back.I think im more natural at tailback I feel more comfortable back there.

On things he learned from playing fullback
I learned another aspect of the game, my blocking got better and things like that. I caught a lot more passes at fullback I learned a lot. I guess when Pat came back I knew the switch wasn't permanent . It was just one of those things where they needed me out there and I just did what I had to do.

At this point Damien Berry walks by and Yells MICHAEL…..Hey Mike we love you. Mike James starts cracking up

On how Mcgahee played fullback as well
Actually I've known about it since I was little because Willis McGahee was one of my favorite players and I've always looked up to him since I saw him play here. So when I heard about the switch I was going to make I didn't get down about it. I just wanted to help the team. I wasn't worried about going back to tailback this year. They told me I was going back to tailback at the start of spring.

Hardest part of fullback
The hardest part was learning the new position. The rest of it was just football. Fullback helped a lot with blocking, better hand placement, better feet movement . It just helped a lot.

This Spring
I feel ilke Ive been doing ok but there is always room for improvement working in just trying to get better every day. I feel like I can do better.

Last Spring
It was a learning process coach Robinson was here last year and it was a real good learning process for me.

The rotation
Coach Cass just puts people in its not a big deal who gets in first or who gets in last its just get in when where we fit in.

Personal Goal
Get better as a football player

Weightlifting numbers
Increased 50 pounds on squat and couple pounds on power clean and a couple pounds on bench. 345 bench 310 power clean 500 squat.

On team nutrition
Swasey gives us pointers every now and then but most of all its by ourselves we take care of our bodies ourselves.

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