Interview: Laron Byrd

Read on to see what wide receiver Laron Byrd was saying after practice Friday.

On start of spring
Getting back used to the flow of things felt good. Were just preparing for the season trying to get ready.

On improvements
Definitely just playing quicker. Being lighter on my feet I've been working on that for most of the offseason and it is definitely paying off. I feel stronger in the legs and in my lower half. better hands and better awareness of the game.

On the WR's
Everybody is stepping it up. All the way from Aldarius Johnson, Tommy Streeter, Kendall Thompkins, Leonard Hankerson, Davon Johnson all of those guys can take it to the house at any given time. We all work hard it's a competition out here every day we just keep competing and competing.

On how the young canes grew up
I don't think you could've called us young the last couple of years because at the same time when you are on the field there's no age requirement. It doesn't matter if you are a senior or if you are a freshman it is just all about the team and as long as we come together and have great team chemistry I don't see how we could lose.

On the offense
The offense is doing good you see these young guys Stephen Morris and Spencer Whipple those guys are doing a great job and stepping up big time. You know Jacory unfortunately he's out but at the same time those guys are filling his shoes because you never know what could happen during the season. Those guys are doing a great job.

More improvements
I've improved on everything…everything. You know my grandma and my mom are my biggest critics and they always tell me I have to improve so during the offseason I've just been working hard with bursting off the ball running routes better just everything about the game of football I have been working on and it has paid off.

Offense vs Defense
The defense is gonna get mad but the offense got them today but the defense has been doing a great job they've been battling us but it has been going back and forth.

Big plays on offense
Streeter, Collier, me, just the whole offense did great today . James ran a couple in Damien Berry had a couple nice catches. Whosever name was called they executed. Berry had a couple nice catches out of the backfield.

On Storm Johnson
Strong powerful runner has great vision great footwork he's still a freshman he still makes freshman mistakes but that is going to come but at the same time put him out on the field and he can do anything. He has a promising future .

On Lamar Miller
We call him miller time. Once he steps on that field his electric ability is incredible he's running track for UM and that is going to get him on the field and I'm looking forward to seeing him on the field and in the rest of camp. He's a big guy a bulky back and to see him move like that is amazing. Him and Mike James are big stocky backs and the way they move is incredible. James is a horse, he is a workhorse. Mike James is playing everywhere he is an athlete you can put him anywhere on the field and he will execute.

"When was the last time UM had such talented receivers"
I don't even remember…I know a lot of guys like to single out the Reggie Waynes and the Andre Johnsons but anyone who comes to the University of Miami is good. I am just focused on our group but at the same time I know the guys who came before us did a great job also.

Personal goal
Personal goal is to have my team to be in the best position possible.

Relationship between Laron and James
Me and Mike James compete, we run against each other. We do drills to see who can finish first, we'll have competitions about crazy things like abs, who can do the most calf raises, me and him are very competitive. Don't tell him I said it but I always win.

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