Shannon: Day 3 recap

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying after practice today.

On today's practice:
It wasn't really the first day in pads. There was no hitting, just getting used to the pads. There was a lot of enthusiasm. Tomorrow will be better. It was good seeing guys flying around today.

On Patrick Hill:
You look at last year, after the first four games our rushing yards went down dramatically and he was a big part of that. He makes the team a lot better. With him coming back, it'll help us and the young guys. All around, he'll help us be better on offense.

On Storm Johnson:
He's a big fast guy, made a lot of plays on film. He makes people miss in the open field. That's one thing we saw on tape and you want that kind of guy on your football team.

On Richard Gordon:
He's making plays. The last three days, he's caught about 3 balls a day. You can never tell until scrimmage time. Everything will be based on when we scrimmage and how they perform. They'll have to know down and distance, that's when you make a big difference. He's been catching the ball. In scrimmage time we'll know more about him. Everything's been stay up so far so it's been hard to tell.

On Billy Sanders:
He's doing well, learning everything, staying focused on what he needs to get done.

On Gordon's mentality:
Just the way he presents himself, how he goes to meetings. When he was injured, he came to work. He's not a playful guy, he's a mature guy. He sees the big picture for us as football team.

On Gavin Hardin:
Nope. He's still out.

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