Interview: Shane McDermott

Read on to see what offensive lineman Shane McDermott was saying after practice today.

On his first week:
It was very tough. It's so much different than high school, the terminology, the speed, everything. After our first practice in shells, I started getting used to it. Getting used to the speed is what I'm getting used to. I got most of the offense down. I've been going into the meetings trying to learn.

On his current status:
Right now I'm 2nd string at center behind Tyler Horn. Him and Joel Figueroa have really helped me out so far. We've been working real hard. Hopefully I can compete with Tyler to compete for the job;. Behind me is Brandon Washington and Stephen Plein. They're both taking snaps just in case.

On his approach:
I'm just approaching like I'm gonna play my best. I know the results are gonna be good. Stoutland has been really on me. He's taught me a lot so far. Just going out and having fun, it's college football, you'll get the stuff down. I spoke to Coach Shannon before practice and he said we know you'll screw up but just keep working on what you need to work on.

On what Stoutland wants:
He wants me to work on my footwork, knowing the calls better, gelling with the guys better. I'm a freshman and sometimes that's tough. We're trying to get that trust together. He wants me to just go out and play hard.

On which calls he has down now:
Right now, pretty much all of them. In the beginning of the week it was tough. Now I'm getting the calls better, all the combo blocks. In the beginning of the week, I had 4 problems, then I had 2, and yesterday I had zero.

On high school:
I played everywhere on the line in high school but mostly left guard. I've been working very hard at it. My brother plays center at Colorado State. He helps me out a lot.

On starting early:
I think that's the best way. I know it's tough. It was overwhelming. I'm glad I came in for spring. If I came in the fall, I'd probably be redshirting. Now, I'll have it down by summer to be ready for fall ball.

On playing this fall:
Stoutland says it could be realistic. It depends on how I play. I'm a little light but I think I can get to 285. I'd be solid second string and wanna compete for first string.

On his goals:
I figured I'd come in, work hard at 2nd string, get the offense down. The hard thing about being the starting center as a freshman is you're the quarterback of the line. Orlando Franklin and those guys have been here forever and they're comfortable with Tyler Horn. They're probably not that comfortable with me.

On his weight room numbers:
I bench pressed 360, I squatted 435, and power-cleaned 255. All I do is have the muscle milk after each workout. They tell you to have 3-4 meals a day and have a gallon of water a day and that's pretty much what I do.

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