Interview: Brandon McGee

Read on to see what cornerback Brandon McGee was saying after practice today.

On Laron Byrd:
I've never gone against a guy like Laron Byrd in a game.

On today's big plays:
Laron had one and Leonard had one. It was in the redzone, from the 20 yards in. In third down, they may have had some big gains.

On his goals this season:
I'm just looking to contribute to the team more on defense or special teams, play where I'm needed, and do what's expected of me.

On playing last season:
When I came in, Brandon Harris gave me insight for my first year and how I should respond my second year. I'm definitely taking advice from him and looking to make a big impact.

On creating more turnovers:
Turnovers, Coach Shannon emphasizes them a lot more this offseason. The offense, whether they turn it over or not depends on how many gassers they gotta do. He's definitely emphasizing getting more turnovers this season.

On making the adjustment last season:
From playing quarterback all through high school, I was still learning cornerback position. I feel like I did exceptionally well but there's always room for improvement. I definitely think I'm gonna make a big jump this season.

On who the fastest corner is:
It may be a tie between me and Demarcus Van Dyke. We haven't raced but I think I'll beat him in a race any day.

On what he needs to work on:
Definitely hips and footwork. Corners use their feet a lot. If you defeat a receiver at the line, you basically won the play. Flipping the hips is definitely important.

On the toughest receiver to defend:
Quickest is probably Kendal Thompkins. He's probably one of the hardest to cover. Him and Laron Byrd. He's just so quick off the line. It's hard to keep up. You can barely get your hands on him because by the time he takes his first step he's already p the field.

On weight room numbers:
I'm not sure. I think I did well on my squat, 385 or 390 or something.

On who stood out today:
Receivers did great today. The defensive line has been energetic all week. Safeties did well but the corners need to step it up.

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