Interview: Leonard Hankerson

Read on to see what wide receiver Leonard Hankerson was saying after practice today.

On the goals of the offense:
We wanna be the number one offense and win games.

On the backup quarterbacks:
It's been going very well. They're all making throws, making plays, making their reads, doing what they need to do, and getting the ball to us.

On Storm Johnson:
He's looking very good. He's an explosive kid, running tough, making plays, and doing what he needs to do. It's nice to have freshmen like that to come in and make plays.

On how a good running game helps receivers:
A good running back corps will run the ball, run the ball, get the safeties down in the box. We get the playaction. They bite on the run and we throw the ball over the top. We help each other.

On how receivers can help:
We block for them and they get the long run. All the running backs are running hard. Pat Hill is back blocking and everything. They're all running hard and we got it going.

On today's touchdowns:
I can't remember. Just me and (Laron Byrd). Oh, and Richard Gordon had one today, about 10 or 11 yards.

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