Interview: Ray Ray Armstrong

Read on to see what safety Ray Ray Armstrong is saying after the first week of spring practice.

On this week:
We gotta come back and make corrections on defense.

On his mindset:
My mindset is get better as a player to help my team and encourage players on the team. Last year wasn't good for us. We gotta correct it.

On a possible starting role:
That's been my goal since my freshman year.

On last season:
As a unit, at the University of Miami, 9-4 is not good. Miami expects better. Next year we're gonna get better. We lost a lot of close games so we gotta correct that this year.

On what he learned:
The biggest thing is to finish. If you go hard in practice, you'll get lots of playing time. You gotta be a practice player to make it in the game. That's what I learned.

On the toughest adjustment last season:
The overall game speed. Moving from high school to college and playing my freshman year, I had to adapt to game speed.

On creating more turnovers:
We work on it a lot. Coach has been emphasizing that since before spring. If the defense gets a turnover, the offense has to run. If not, we gotta run. Defense is really trying to get that ball out.

On free or strong:
I'm playing both. Me, Vaughn, Jared, and Jamal Reid, we're all playing both, swapping sides.

On the competition at safety:
It's very competitive. Everyone is fighting for that starting spot. We're competing, trying to make each other better.

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