Interview: Richard Gordon

Read on to see what tight end Richard Gordon is saying after the first week of spring practice.

On last year being tough:
It wasn't hard. We had 3 good tight ends. Everyone was in the rotation. Tervaris got to play well. We all work together as a family.

On how he feels:
I feel 100 percent. My blocking is much better. Everything's coming along.

On the pressure:
There's no pressure. As long as you know your job, just go play. I've been through two springs. It's time to play. You can't have any pressure when you're out there.

On if he knows everything:
Coach is working with me. It's only two of us. I know everything I need to know. Billy knows what he needs to do.

On Billy Sanders:
Billy, he doing good. He reminds you of (Greg) Olsen. He can play the U real good. He can catch balls. He's gonna be great player.

On his weight:
I'm losing weight. I'm at 269, wanna get to 260.

On being known as a blocking TE:
I can catch well but last year, I was more blocking tight end. We had Dedrick Epps and Jimmy Graham go out and catch balls. I was more of a blocker.

On his leadership:
Last year I was a senior but I didn't have a chance to lead the team. This year I'm a 5th year senior so it's time to grow up and go play.

On having graduated already:
It's a lot of pressure off. I graduated already. All I do is play football now. I write down notes in meetings. No more class. It's all football. I got nutrition and a training class just to stay eligible.

On his age:
I'm 22.

On being immature early on:
I was. Going out a lot, not doing what I was supposed to be doing. Its time to mature up and that's what I'm doing now.

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