Interview: Storm Johnson

Read on to see what running back Storm Johnson is saying after the first week of spring practice.

On doing less dancing in the hole:
It's something I had to work on. Me and my running backs coach go over stuff after every practice. We narrow down the steps and movement.

On why Miami:
Just for the family atmosphere. Miami has something to prove. We're gonna work hard day in and day out and that's what I wanted to be a part of.

On the RB competition:
We all push each other all the time. The competition level is very strong. We get on each other about doing things right, wrong. In the locker room it's cleared up and we just go the next day.

On the first week:
I expected everything to happen. Being in the sun and just working is what I expected.

On the toughest part:
Probably the playbook and the speed of the play. I'm just trying to get the fundamentals right.

On how much of the playbook he has down:
I'd say about 85-percent, 95-percent.

On his name:
Storm is my real name. My mom wanted to name me something special so she picked something unusual. (Note: His full name is Westleigh Storm Johnson).

On the other finalists:
It was Kentucky, Penn State, Oregon, and Michigan State. It was a family atmosphere, the coaches here, and the education part. We work hard out here on the football field.

On his style:
I think I'm a big back who can do little back things. I'm trying to become a better all-around back like catching, getting my steps down, and things like that.

On his goals this spring:
I'm working hard every day. It's a learning process. I'm studying hard with my head on the books.

On his speed:
I got timed at 4.38 when I got here. Only the freshmen were timed. We're gonna get timed after spring. I'm 218.

On the advantages of coming early:
Just the playing time and knowing the playbook. The playbook is real big. It's huge. Just the repping, getting it in your head, getting used to college life.

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