Interview: Dyron Dye

Read on to see what defensive end Dyron Dye was saying after practice today.

On getting bigger:
I gotta put on some weight. I'm 6-5 and about 250. I've put on about 15-20 pounds. The way I put it on, it came on bit by bit and the movement is still the same. It feels good.

On his goals this spring:
I'm just trying to get a spot, work to compete, help the team the best way I can.

On missing last season:
It hurt real bad. I hate standing on the sidelines watching. I was aggravated a lot. I talked to my mom and dad every night. I prayed every night. The main thing is to stay healthy.

On competing for a starting spot:
I'm not worrying about that. I'm just working hard and competing. If I worry about how hard it is, I won't get one. Whatever coach decides, that's it.

On possibly switching to tight end:
If we didn't have any tight ends coming in, I would have. I'm trying to win national championships and will do whatever it takes. They haven't asked me.

On his last practice in 2009:
My last practice was Tuesday of Oklahoma game. I had surgery that Wednesday. I was very excited to start spring.

On Shannon's practice philosophy:
It changed a lot, the way the momentum is. He's giving us the opportunity every way we can to win a national championship.

On which side he's playing:
I'm rotating on both sides. I might do 2 on one side then 3 on the other.

On Lamar Miller:
It's exciting. I couldn't wait to see him back on the field. He does things you don't see. I'm excited to see him run when we play. He's so smooth in everything he do.

On Storm Johnson:
He's good. He's got work in some areas. He's picking up well. He's smart. He's getting better every day.

On Mike James:
Mike James is one heck of an athlete. He runs hard evry play. I never saw a guy work as hard as him.

On the fastest RB:
Lamar. I think he's the fastest but the strongest is Mike James.

On his strengths:
My strength is I can take over a game and make plays. However I can help my team, I just give it my all.

On being close to Ray Ray:
Actually, our mothers went to school together. We've known each other since babies. We tried to get all 3 (including Andre Debose, who went to Florida) but it didn't work out. I'm happy he's here with me on the same side of the ball.

On the injury:
After I got surgery third game, there was no need to come back. It happened during our scrimmage at Traz Powell. I was tackling and someone came into my knee. It was scary.

On Ray Ray playing:
Every time, he was telling me how fun it is. Sometimes I couldn't even sit and watch from the sideline.

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