Interview: Demarcus Van Dyke

Read on to see what cornerback Demarcus Van Dyke was saying after practice today.

On spring:
It's going good so far. Every week we're trying to do something better. We wanna get the level up. Everything's going good right now.

On getting more turnovers:
It's going good now. The defense had two picks today. Whoever gets interceptions, the offense will run. If we don't get them, the defense runs. We try to stirp the ball, get interceptions.

On today's picks:
Me and Vaughn had one today. We're trying to get them every day so when game time comes we're ready.

On Ed Reed being here:
We were doing individual drills and Ed Reed told me I have to start going at an angle. He was helping me out. It's been a real influence.

On the defense's goal:
Our team is get a lot of interceptions. The more interceptions we get, the more points the offense will put up.

On his goals:
Be a better tackler. I worked on it with Coach McGriff and now I feel like I'm good.

On the corners now:
Me and Brandon Harris now. Nelms is at track and Brandon McGee has a toothache right now. Right now it's me and Brandon playing corner.

On the biggest improvement in the secondary:
I wanna say the maturity level. Brandon McGee played a lot now his feet are wet. I expect him to come make plays as a sophomore.

On being a three-year starter:
I was telling McGriff I feel like I'm getting old. I'm only 20 and loving college life and just getting ready for next year.

On his confidence level:
My confidence level is high going against Laron Byrd, Hankerson, Aldarius Johnson, and Kendal Thompkins. I feel like if I can cover them I can cover anyone in the ACC. Them are great WRs. Going against them every day helps my conf out.

On Billy Sanders:
He has a tough mind. When you try to touch him, he'll try to run you over. I like him.

On Dyron Dye:
He has a good motor. He reminds me of a younger version of Adewale Ojomo -- tough minded kid. When he first came, I was like he'll play linebacker. Over spring and winter break, he's gotten pretty thick. Our whole defensive line, we have guys who can pass rush. Dyron's up there with those guys.

On Laron Byrd:
He's just the same Laron Byrd, making same plays we expect him to make. He's out here playing ball.

On getting his first pick last season:
It got monkey off my back. it was just one step I wanted to make. Getting more next year will help me out a lot.

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