Interview: Patrick Hill

Read on to see what fullback Patrick Hill was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On being back:
I'm happy to be back. It feels good.

On 2009:
Last year was tough for me, especially being so close to the senior class. You then have to prepare to get ready for another reason when you expected to be gone.

On thinking he'd return last season:
In the beginning I thought I'd be able to get back but as time went along, it was tougher.

On the extra year:
I just changed more. I'm more of a vocal leader. We can be real good as long as we have that drive we need to have.

On Mike James:
He's done an excellent job. I transitioned from running back in Junior College to fullback. He did a real good job, took one for the team.

On what the injury did:
I'm humbled a lot more. I got a lot better in certain areas like getting quicker and being a better student of the game.

On when it happened:
It was the Virginia Tech game in kickoff return. I went back in but as I sat out I started feeling it. When we got back Sunday, I knew there was something wrong. After the high altitude of the plane and on the bus it started hurting.

On if he knew it was season-ending:
I was on week to week but as we got further in the season I knew I'd take a redshirt and thought it was smarter to do that.

On the running game last season:
I think we did a tremendous job under the circumstances. There are certain guys you're used to. Then you get a curveball thrown at you and you gotta change on the fly.

On after the injury:
I came to every practice and meeting. I helped Mike noticing different fronts. He was already a smart football player. I just helped him notice little things.

On rebounding:
Everything happens for a reason. I'm a big religious guy. I was talking to my mom and she was saying how the Lord gives you signs and does everything for a reason and knew I could perfect things I know could be better.

On how his blocking has improved:
I'm able to get out a lot faster. At first I kinda rolled out and now I sprint out of it.

On getting more touches:
I hope I get a little reward. The fullback's job s to do the tough job but I cont mind betting the ball here and there.

On John Calhoun:
He's learning. It's tough use to one thing, playbook is very complex. He's doing a nice job picking it up.

On his weight:
I'm actually about 5 pounds lighter, between 255 and 260. I'm 5-9.

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