Shannon: Day 5 recap

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying after today's practice.

On last week:
We didn't get any scrimmage work in. I was pleased with progress of young quarterbacks and not getting nervous and enthusiasm on the field. The physical practice has been good. The energy is good, lots of interaction between players. Guys are taking pride and getting better each time.

On the on-field scuffles:
There's one every now and then. They break themselves up. It's all about fun. They're really getting after each other. They're not just teammates. They're offense and defense out there.

On Saturday's scrimmage:
It'll be a regular scrimmage, probably try getting 130-140 plays,. Hopefully it'll be a long tough deal.

On the QB reps for Saturday:
All 3 quarterbacks will get equal reps. You can evaluate after the first scrimmage. From 1st to 3rd, you wanna see how much better each gets.

On the scrimmage being open to the public:
If you pay for the coaching clinic, you can come. If you're not in clinic, you're in trouble.

On the spring game getting moved:
We're having it, every 2 years we try moving it. We'll scrimmage March 11 at Lockhart and then Traz Powell will be spring game. They're having a Nike combine so we gotta move it back. It'll be in the morning so we'll go in the afternoon. It'll be a good crowd.

On if the combine kids can attend the spring game:
That will be great for the kids. They'll be able to come by. They'll have 800 kids. We'll have a signing deal. It might be on TV, which will be good for us and the community. We're trying to move around every 2 years. Wish we could go to Palm Beach but we're not allowed.

On Dyron Dye:
He's coming along, still a freshman, missed a lot of work last year. He's coming off injury. We're trying to bring back slow, not throw them in the wolves. He's doing drills, which is good for him and us. We wanna get him full speed. He's bigger, lot of guys are bigger. Now he has to get accustomed to running. He missed a whole semester. He plays with a lot of intensity. He has something about him. Now he can show us what he can do.

On getting Lamar Miller back:
Him, Brandon (Harris), Travis (Benjamin), probably each drill get them 4-5 plays. You don't want to give them all reps. We eased them back. Probably Saturday, they'll each get 35-40 plays. It'll be good for them and we'll see how their wind is.

On Patrick Hill:
Pat has been a tremendous lift. He's a leader now. Very smart, very physical type player. Look at our stats from first 3 games in running game compared to end. Sack totals. Pat played a vital part of our success. Pat, all he wants to do is be part of the team. He's not worried about his carries. He just wants to be on the field and win games. He don't mind blocking a defensive end, a linebacker or defensive tackle, he's just gonna go in there and get it done. He gains a lot of respect from his teammates.

On Laron Byrd:
Last week he had a good work. He's improved from last year. I told him Saturday, you had a great week. When we come back Monday you gotta have a different mentality. We had success early in season, guys feeling good, probably slacked off. Now we can work on it, see if he can take the next step.

On Demarcus Van Dyke:
For him to get better. You want guys getting better. I wanna see him do this, wanna see his overall game improve. When everyone's game improves, we're a better team. You got depth at that position. Like anyone else, if you're not doing your job, we'll move someone in front of you. We have depth and competition.

On if he's talked to the kids at the combine:
Not really. The combine's a combine. It matters who likes you, who wants to draft you. I'm happy for all those guys to run at the combine. Pro timing day will be another opportunity for them.

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