Shannon: Day 6 recap

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying after Wednesday's practice.

On today:
We put an emphasis on the run game today. We worked offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, tight ends, and running backs. No receivers, seeing who can line up and knock guys off the ball and who can tackle. We ran 12-15 plays with it. We finished up with 3rd down situation, 3rd and 3, see who can stop them or see if we can convert. I thought that was big for us to get a taste of it before the scrimmage this weekend.

On what he's looking for:
If you're improving. Laron Byrd made plays today. He's improving still. Guys who go up and down, that's when you get discouraged. You want guys getting better.

On Malcolm Bunche:
Anytime you have someone who comes in January, he will struggle. Give till midway through spring, he'll start understanding the tempo and things like that. He's doing ok now. I don't know what he's eating. He's a little heavy. He's about 340-350. We wanna get him down. He's still a strong, very athletic guy. The thing slowing him down is the learning process. When in due time, he'll be able to go full speed. He played tackle most of the time last season. He's at guard right now. We don't wanna put five guys at tackle. We wanna move guys around.

On Sean Spence:
Spence was banged up last year, that was the biggest thing. It's a new season, new year, he's starting off fast this year with spring football.

On Damien Berry:
He emerged as a guy who can come in and run the football inside. When Coop or JJj was banged up, he came in and ran hard. Now he has to become complete guy – pass protect, catch passes, go outside. He needs to keep the physical part but lets improve on your ability to help us as a team.

On why the move of Berry to RB:
Trying to look ahead. Even when we had all those running backs, we kept getting injured. Lets see for a guy with potential to play running back. Lets move him to running back, maybe a year he can help us. A year later he helped us and won some games for us.

On what he's working on:
Footwork, handling the football, you're gonna fumble it a lot. Now he's getting used to it every day. He came along pretty well.

On Vaughn Telemaque:
Doing well, a lot better than this time last year. He's starting to make plays and get feel for it. We like how he's producing. Sean and Ed Reed didn't have many interceptions till later in their careers. Vaughn has those tools.

On depth:
We got more depth. I'm not worrying about five offensive linemen or seven making practice or five defensive linemen. We feel good about the team, the progress we made. You see guys have grown, gotten bigger. Look at the offensive line, those are big physical guys. Same with defensive line. When I first took over we were very small.

On Marcus Robinson having a big year:
We look for all of them. Always 3rd year you expect guys to do something. You see guy in high school and think he can produce right away. Everyone who has been successful in college, it's always the 3rd year. Mike Irvin finally came around in his 3rd year. Sean Taylor his 3rd year, Ed Reed his 3rd year. Your body is maturing and everything goes into synch for you then.

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