Interview: Jake Wieclaw

Read on to see what kicker Jake Wieclaw was saying after practice Wednesday.

On his strength:
I've been consistently getting stronger since I've been here.

On what his role is:
Whatever the team needs really. If Matt does all three, he does all three. If they need my help anywhere, I'll help.

On what he's been working on:
I've been working on everything. I just wanna be able to perform.

On pressure kicks in practice:
Not yet. We haven't done too much kicking, just pretty much installing for the schemes. We will the next couple weeks.

On his improvement:
I feel much more comfortable than when I first got here. In high school, I used a block and here it's grass. I figured it out now. In high school I used a tee. I got a much better grasp now.

On if he's ready:
I feel so but at the same time it's up to the coaches and what the team needs.

On how much help Matt Bosher's been:
A lot. It always helps to have another set of eyes watching you, letting you know if you're doing something wrong. It helps having someone with his experience around.

On his distance ranges:
I don't know in terms of numbers. As far as flexibility and strength, I feel much better. I've always felt comfortable inside 40. Anything outside 40 isn't the easiest but you should be making those. Anything under 40 should be right.

On the snapper:
It's still Chris Ivory.

On the holder:
We've been working with Spencer Whipple because we lost Matt Perelli who had been around 4 or 5 years.

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