Interview: Malcolm Bunche

Read on to see what offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche was saying after practice Wednesday.

On the transition:
The biggest transition is that it's a lot quicker. Everyone is strong so you're not blowing people off the ball so you gotta know right steps and blocking schemes, things like that.

On his strength:
I'm a strong guy but it's not easy. Everyone's as good as you. It's not like high school where you can just pancake him every play.

On his position:
Right now he got me at 2nd string right guard.

On the toughest to block:
A lot of the guys are pretty good, I aint gonna lie. Curtis is tough. Johnson, he's good. It aint no cupcake.

On why Miami:
I got family down here on both sides and it's a family atmosphere. I wanted to come where I could chill or come down to a family atmosphere.

On playing tackle before:
I played tackle in high school. At tackle, you got speed because of the defensive ends. Guard is more phone booth-like where your feet set under you and you block the guy in front of you.

On his goals:
I'm gonna do the best I can to help my teammates and help the offense.

On the scrimmage Saturday:
I'm real excited. It's my first scrimmage, going full out against my teammates. I'm pretty sure it'll be fun. It started off in the beginning and will carry on through spring game. It'll let coaches see if you progressed or digressed.

On his Milford experience:
It made you into a man. It was a real tough adjustment at Milford. I'm done thinking about that now and I'm focusing on Miami football.

On when he first started playing:
I started in youth league, played one time and went straight to high school. I was about 6-2, 6-3 at 12 or 13. I was, in Little League, kinda chubby so I was slow but I was strong. They told me who to block and I just did it.

On what he needs to work on:
I need to work on my plays. My feet is all gonna come. I need to work on my blocking schemes and plays, things like that.

On his family:
My mother is a personal trainer and my daddy is retired now but I think he's gonna look for another job. Before I went to Milford, I hung my hat on her. She helped me get in shape. Right now I'm 340 and I should be 315. Basically she ran my (butt). She's a health junkie so lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein. I don't have it here and that's why I blew up. I came here 330 and now I'm 340.

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