Interview: Brandon Harris

Read on to see what cornerback Brandon Harris was saying after Wednesday's practice.

On today:
There were a lot of big plays today, some big hits. There was a turnover by DVD. A few big catches by Byrd. He had two long receptions. Sean Spence made some nice stops on third down period.

On his progress:
I feel great. Yesterday I had a solid day getting back into the playbook. I'm starting to feel better than I did last year at this point. The secondary has been grind for us. We only have three corners on the roster so we're all on the field. It helps us get back on the field.

On who the three are:
Brandon McGee has been out. Today was me, DVD, and Ryan Hill. Nelms made the nationals in track. We're rooting him on and we're grinding it out on the field.

On Damien Berry:
A lot of people outside may not have been expecting it but we knew what he had. From the looks he gave us on the scout team, he'd run hard, do big things. I'd sit next to him on the bus going to the game and be his travel partner on the plane rides. We'd always talk about our goals and he's always positive and said when his time came people would know his name.

On A.J. Highsmith:
It's confidence level. He don't mind making those tight throws. He doesn't mind putting it in the air a giving those guys a shot to go get it.

On the secondary:
When I go back and watch film, I'm real excited about how far the secondary has come. I'm shocked as a person.

On the standouts lately:
Lamar Miller has run great his first couple days back, all the receivers look to form. The whole defensive line is playing with a lot of energy.

On Miller:
He'll surprise a lot of people. A lot of people in Dade County who saw him in high school know it's Miller Time. He's a very fast kid, will sneak up on you. You just have to pick your poison with Lamar and hope you get him on the ground. He's definitely the fastest running back.

On his interception goals:
Whatever it takes to lead the nation. That's one of my goals as a group and individual goal.

On spring scrimmages:
They're very important. You need to go compete with each other. The season doesn't start till the fall but we gotta get back to competing with each other. We'll have third and long, situations like that. It's the closest thing to a game atmosphere we can get until the fall.

On his advice to the young players:
The main thing is don't put too much pressure on it. It's a scrimmage but it's meant to be fun. You wanna execute your game plan but just go out and have fun and stay focused.

On the goals for this spring:
Right now we wanna be closer as a team but by competition. Our motto this spring is be competitive. We wanna go after their throat. We wanna really get after it this spring.

On Sean Spence:
Couldn't have been better. He looks great, looks fast, he's physical. When you watch him, he's going on taking on blockers and making tackles. He'll speak up when spoken to and will be humble. He's a great guy to play with.

On not having Spence at all times last season:
I think it affected us tremendously by his absence. His being on the field makes us play faster and smoother. When you have Sean on your defense, you can count on him to make a big play. It makes our job easy.

On him missing time:
It was very hard for him. We're close friends. During the injury, he wasn't himself. Having to watch it on TV, he'd call me after the game and he'd be disappointed he couldn't be out there. He did extra rehab, did everything he could but had to sit out for a reason.

On Ray Ray Armstrong:
I think his main thing is just play, have fun, don't think too much, don't worry. The athletic ability is there, work ethic, leadership. He's real disciplined so just have fun and do what you do best.

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