Interview: Lamar Miller

Read on to see what running back Lamar Miller is saying about spring practice so far.

Competition at Rb
All the running backs are good, we just push each other and compete every day. We just try to make each other better.

On his opportunity this year
Last year I was watching on the sideline but this year I feel like I can help the team win a lot of games and hopefully win a national championship.

On track
Track went well I came in 6th in the finals but I was out there competing just trying to get faster. My time was a 6.84 in the finals but my fastest was 6.83 so I think I did pretty well.

On how he feels physically
I'm much faster than last year .I was on the scout team last year giving the defense a good look and that definitely helped me out and it also helped the defense. I feel much better than last year.

On being the fastest player
I don't know because Travis Benjamin beat me a couple times during track so I don't know who's the fast. I raced him twice and he beat me both times so he's probably the fastest guy.

On his opportunity during practice
I feel like it's my time to show the fans and the coaches what I got. I'm just out here trying to compete and make each one of us better as a team. I just want the team to score more touchdowns and show my breakaway speed.

I'm trying to improve on my blocking and pass protection.

On a good spring
I just have to come out here and compete and make everyone better

On his redshirt year
It made me better as a runner and in my pass protection and I'm just trying to stay focused and healthy on and off the field.

On his weight
I put on a lot of weight at Miami, but since I ran track I lost a couple pounds, but right now I'm at 212. I came into school at about 203, but I want to play at about 205 to 207 so I'm trying to lose a couple of pounds

Weight lifting numbers
I couldn't really do the lifts because I was at track.

On his big plays at practice
I had a couple of big runs today but that was about it. I had my runs in 11 on 11, I had two big runs. We were practicing at the 30 so they were two 30 yard touchdowns.

What he saw on the TD runs
On one we ran a counter and I just saw the hole so I just cut back and out ran everybody. The other play was a stretch play and I just cut it back inside because everyone was overpursuing. We just did stand up hitting today though so we'll see.

On his mindset
I just want to get on the field and help the team out. We have great running backs and the best guy will win so I'm just trying to get better.

Number switch
I didn't want a double digit number and it was close to seven so I picked 6.

On his improvements
My pass protection and reading defenses. In high school we really didn't do that much pass protection because we ran the ball a lot so I didn't know that much about it.

On fan excitement
Well I don't pay attention to that stuff I'm just trying to stay focused and get on the field and help my team out.

On his Grandfather
He retired last year. I never got to ride on the bus with him. My grand dad used to drive the hurry cane shuttles. When I got here he had retired already.

Track again
I did ok for my third indoor track team. I plan on doing outdoor but I'm just trying to stay focused on football right now. It helped me a lot with my speed and just competing against other fast people will make you faster.

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