Interview: Cory White

Read on to see what offensive lineman Cory White is saying about spring practice so far.

On biggest Improvement
Probably my kick step. I'm adjusting to the fast defensive ends so definitely my kick step

On how the line looks
Were all smart and were all in the film room every day. We hit the bags hard, we hit the weight room hard, it's gonna be a good year.

On big plays at practice
Leonard Hankerson, he is our go to guy. He had a touchdown on a long post route. I'm really focused on the D end so I don't really look downfield that often.

Personal goal for spring
Just to overall get better, to gain weight, get stronger, get faster, and overall just get better.

On his nutrition plan (if any)
I like to eat a lot of meat to gain weight, drink a lot of milk. We have muscle milk at hecht I drink that a lot, I eat whatever I can to just gain some weight.

Team goals
Team goal is to just come together. We don't want anyone to be distant from the team were trying to keep it as one big family

Weightlifting numbers
Bench I only got 325 it was ok squat I got 435 power clean 295

On his number switch (to 82)
Right now it's just practice we're low on the depth chart but if we ever need help there during the season then I'm that man because I played tight end in high school but right now I'm mainly playing at tackle

Technique switches since high school
Our O-line coach, coach Stoutland is amazing he's helping me adjust to the faster D ends so like I said my kick step is definitely improved plus all my hand movement is way better. He's teaching me how to get my hands on the defensive ends better.

On toughest Dl to block
Definitely Allen Bailey, that dude is a freak, but I'm not the only guy that has trouble with him.

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