Interview: Colin McCarthy

Read on to see what senior linebacker Colin McCarthy is saying halfway through spring practice about coaching, different players, and more.

On spring:
It feels real good getting back out here with the guys. A couple younger guys stepping up, picking up the defense better. We're communicating better.

On Coach Barrow coaching LB's again:
With Coach Barrow being linebackers coach again now it helps us a lot. It gives Coach Lovett a chance to work with everyone. With guys having another year of experience we're looking better.

On Barrow/Lovett coaching LB's:
Nothing against (Lovett), with Coach Barrow, he's a great coach, brings lots of intensity to practice. Hee wants you to work every day, that's what he expects. He's been there before and we can relate to him better. He's tough and we're feeding off him.

On losing Darryl Sharpton:
Missing Darryl is gonna hurt a lot, hopefully we get Ramon and Fucth back. Whoever plays will be good. Everyone is learning, preparing. Whoever we put in position will be successful.

On playing the middle this season:
As far as I know, it's still possibility. We're working everyone in. I'm playing the middle in nickel and there's not much difference in base. I feel great to be out here for spring ball.

On Shayon Green:
He's doing good. He was a little overwhelmed early but he's feeling more comfortable now, working with the twos and ones. He's coming a long way. In the beginning he was struggling with calls, getting people lined up. Now he's making checks and feeling comfortable.

On Tyrone Cornileus:
He's real athletic, has good instincts as a linebacker. The only knock he has is chasing the ball coming from high school. Once he gets that he's gonna be one hell of a player.

On the incoming freshmen:
Every freshman who comes in wants to play. They're gonna come and compete and all of them have done that, giving themselves ca chance to play this season.

On creating more turnovers:
Coach Shannon's been emphasizing that a lot. We've been doing good job working on strips. We need more interceptions. We need to force more.

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