Interview: Vaughn Telemaque

Read on to see what sophomore safety Vaughn Telemaque is saying halfway through spring practice.

On spring:
We wanna come out here, focusing on dominating. We're not young anymore. We can't have that mentality of failure. We wanna dominate every day.

On his weight:
I'm an even 200. I wanted to get a little bigger for spring to see how I could carry weight. Then I'll get back down to about 197 and get ready for the season.

On goals:
I wanna focus on turnovers. We wanna get all aspects of the game – the rush, the drops, the turnovers. I really miss that adrenaline rush when I get turnovers so I wanna get back to it.

On Ed Reed being at practice lately:
Oh yeah, I talked to him, said what's up. I caught him a couple times. He's a great guy, will come over to DB drills and give us techniques and of course we'll listen. He was telling us about how we're approaching a man. He has so much knowledge that you can catch onto whatever you wanna work on that day.

On having experience:
It's really wonderful. Last year we had a great leader in Randy Phillips. He showed us the ropes. Now, me Ray Ray, Brandon, DVD, Jared, JoJo, we wanna make turnovers. We're stressing it so much. Everything we do is stressing turnovers.

On what he has worked on most:
I really worked hard on my man coverage. I try playing cornerback when I get a chance, whenever I can give guys a breather in practice. I wanna be that type of player who can play corner, safety, nickel, just get my name out there for whatever position. I play both safety spots.

On Ray Ray Armstrong:
He's coming up big time. We're both sophomores on the field. We're gonna have a great chemistry out here this year. We get to hang out outside the field. It's gonna be real exciting, I guarantee that. We're friends in everything we do.

On his shoulder:
My shoulder is perfectly fine. Swasey's doing a great job. We're gonna be bigger and faster than anyone we play. We can't lay back and let them beat us. We gotta go handle our business.

On turnover goals:
We want an unlimited amount. We just wanna go to the top, be number one in the nation.

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