Interview: Leonard Hankerson

Read on to see what wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is saying as the team prepares to begin its third week of spring practice.

On the receivers:
Laron is doing really well. As a group, we're having fun. Streeter is making plays. Thearon moving to the outside, now he's making plays. Kendal is making plays. We're all making plays and competing.

On Allen Hurns:
I haven't seen him doing much because he's been injured.

On his confidence level this season:
It's not really an issue. I always had confidence, it's just…. I don't know. I'm fine.

On improving on last season's catch totals:
I'm not really concerned with catches, I'm just helping my team. Whatever balls are thrown to me, I'll focus on the catch and whatever happens happens.

On A.J. Highsmith:
I see a lot of changes cuz he's reading the defenses. He's learning a lot about coverages. Coach Whip is teaching him a lot. When he first got here he was the type to run around. Now he's sitting in the pocket and reading.

On turnovers:
We have this little thing where if they get turnovers, we have to run and if they don't, they run. We're all competing. It's helping us because we protect the ball. They're looking for turnovers.

On working with Mark Duper:
I'm still working out with him, at least one time a week, just me, him, and Jack Dusett throwing me the ball. Van Dyke wanna come but I'm gonna ask him this week if he wanna ride with me.

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