Interview: Tyrone Cornileus

Read on to see what true freshman linebacker Tyrone Cornileus was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On today:
We had a lot of turnovers on defense. We capitalized on turnovers. We kinda had a down day, gotta pick it up tomorrow. We gotta get better every day.

On turnovers:
We had a few fumbles and one interception by DVD.

On adjusting:
I've adjusted pretty well. At first the speed was a big difference but I caught on real quick with my speed and athleticism. I'm just basically playing like it's high school.

On what needs work:
Probably, I need to work on using my hands to get off blocks. Otherwise, that's pretty much it.

On his size:
Right now I'm 6-2 and 195. By season, I wanna be 207 to 210.

On his 40-time:
My pre-40 time coming down here was a 4.5. I knew I could have ran better. It was a fresh 40. I wasn't doing anything before that so I was impressed being able to do that.

On what coverages he needs work with:
Probably just the out route from the running backs because we have to come off the edge and run with the backs so we gotta be real smart.

On best pass-catchers at RB:
Probably Storm and Mike James. Both are extremely good running backs.

On advice he's getting from other players:
Darryl was out here today. We were talking. We knew each other from my official visit. We chatted for a little bit. Also, Jon Beason came out the other day and told us to pick the intensity up and said the linebackers are the head of the team and we carry the team, especially on defense.

On his role:
I strongly believe I will crack the rotation. I'm currently 2nd string right now. As the days go on, I'm getting more acclimated to what's going on with different formations. I'm picking up things real quick. I'm on Colin's side.

On coming early:
It helped me a lot. If I came in later, I'd be real pressed for time to gain the knowledge I need to know to play. It really helped me a lot a whole lot better.

On communication with fellow recruits:
Me and Travis Williams talk every once in awhile, see what's going on. I'm just telling him about practice, how it's a big difference than high school.

On offensive standouts:
Probably Laron Byrd. He's been a real baller out here. Travis Benjamin is also doing really well.

On staying at one spot:
Not at all. I can play either sam or will.

On weight room numbers:
My bench, max was 265 and my squat was 375. I'm just eating about four meals a day, drinking about 6-8 muscle milks each day on my own. I need to get on an extra nutrition plan with Coach Swasey.

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