Interview: Marcus Robinson

Read on to see what junior defensive end Marcus Robinson is saying as the Canes gear up for another scrimmage.

On his role:
Hopefully I can be an every down end. We have so many of them, we're gonna have to do a lot of rotating.

On last season:
It was totally off for what I expected of myself. I had a couple injuries, some setbacks. Now I'm healthy and fine. This year is different and I feel like I meet all the requirements this year.

On the D-Line:
The line is looking real good. We can be everything we were expected to be last year. Pass rushing, run stopping, everything.

On the DT's:
All our defensive tackles are looking good. Everyone has something they're special at. They're all looking like what they came in to be.

On Curtis Porter:
Curtis, the thing he's working on is pass rushing. He can fill the run good. The coach has us working on what we can improve with.

On Adewale Ojomo:
He brings the fun and games back. He makes everyone feel better. He just brings the best out of everybody. He'll compete, talk trash to you to compete with him.

On who the leader is:
Right now, everyone's a leader, trying to be more vocal. We're all trying to get better as a whole.

On the O-Line:
They look good. Coach has them rotating all over so it's hard to tell.

On Dyron Dye:
Dye looks pretty good. He's gonna be good once he gets healthy. He gonna be good once he comes back. Everyone gets an injury and their mindset goes different.

On his weight:
I put on 10 pounds since last season. I'm at 245 right now. I'm feeling good at that weight. I wanna stay there. I feel good, running around with it. I aint feel too light. It wasn't my weight, it was just me not being myself because of a couple injuries.

On Petri/Hurtt:
Him and Coach Hurtt have the same styles but Petri is elevating everyone's game. He's getting everyone to do what they do best.

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