Hill breaks down the receivers

Read on to see what wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill is saying about each of his wide receivers as the Canes gear up for their second scrimmage.

On Travis Benjamin:
He's a very dynamic player. He's a big play guy. He's a good kid, one of those first ones in the meeting rooms, always taking notes, he's one of the last ones to leave. To be honest, we've always said, we wanna make sure he's a disciplined route runner and when you're so fast, sometimes they don't go hand in hand. That's one thing he's improving on. It's not that he's a bad route runner, we just wanna get him to be better. And being more physical, with his size, in the run game, and also in the passing game running routes. We're very encouraged he can give us a home run hit every time.

On Benjamin's 2009 season:
Even in the FSU game, all we were doing is rotating receivers. When we went into the season, we kept rotating. You can see the dynamic ability. He caught the post-route vs. Oklahoma. Dynamic ability. Versus Clemson the deep ball, dynamic ability. The game winning touchdown against Wake Forest, you see the ability. One thing he didn't do was match what he did Florida State game but several games you can see big play ability.

On if he's the fastest player on the team:
To my knowledge. There are some fast guys who just left. Sam Shields was fast. There will be guys here to challenge him. I'm sure there will be some trash talking.

On the recent drops as a group in practice:
Where we're at now, we just gotta concentrate on ball better. When you have one drop, you have several. When it's raining, it's pouring. We're a veteran group; We can be more consistent but we're competitors. When you have a bad practice, you make sure come back and have a good practice.

On what the coaches view as a drop:
What we say is if it's a catchable pass and it hits two hands. We had too many drops (in the last scrimmage). If we catch them all or we drop them, we're always on the jugs machine and we're running routes. Every one they drop, we have the whole group staying after. Even if we look like an elite group, we're gonna stay after. If we have drops, we'll stay longer. We wanna be the first one on and the last one to leave. One thing we can do is we can go in the film room, get it corrected, and come back to show what we can do.

On the new QB's possibly a cause for more drops:
Maybe someone else feels that way but not me. It's the same criteria. Two hands hit the ball and it's a drop. It doesn't matter if it's Shaquille throwing them or someone short, it's the same criteria. When two hands hit the ball, it needs to be a catch and we haven't been doing that lately.

On the receivers playing multiple positions:
In our offense, we teach each play and teach each position. For example, if you're in that meeting room and you're X and then we go over and talk about Z, you still need to be listening and have an understanding. If you have a go route and you don't know what's going on over here, you don't know the offensive scheme. We want our guys to move around to be more versatile so if someone gets hurt, someone else can move in. Against Florida State last year, we had Laron Byrd get hurt and Aldarius Johnson. Leonard Hankerson was able to move over to the X position. That's a tribute to how we coach and how they've learned.

On the slot position:
We've had Hankerson at slot at some point, Thearon at the slot, Kendal at the slot. In a different package, we've had Aldarius. We've moved some guys around and that was one of the goals because of the offense.

On Thearon Collier making progress:
As a coach, it goes back to them. One thing about Thearon is he's made big plays since he's been here. Look at the huge catch against Virginia stretching out. This past year, the Wake Forest game with the catch on the sideline and two huge punt returns. We truly believe he can make big plays. As you look at the whole offense and look at each player, you never know today might be your hot day. Everyone has to say I'm gonna be hot today to get more passes. We have a lot to improve in.

On what big plays do:
The big plays is what everyone sees and says ‘wow was that a nice play.' But whether it's run or pass, you have to play every play. When you look at all the great ones, they play every play. If you play every play and play the play that matters least, you can be a great player. For a group and each guy, play every play because your opportunities will come.

On Collier's size:
The best way is he plays a lot bigger than his size. You look at him and say maybe but when you watch him on the field, you see he can make a lot of plays. The film speaks for itself the last two years that he can make big plays.

On Collier's weight gain:
We're working on to find out what's the case there. He is a little thicker. We're gonna keep pushing him and keep working him.

On Collier as a punt return guy:
When you have a skill guy who can do both, when those punt returns came to him, he made some guys miss and the special teams unit did a great job of sealing guys and he made some plays. It's like a defensive player like Sean Spence making a great play on defense and on special teams. I think he's just a playmaker.

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