Shannon discusses scrimmage

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying after Miami's scrimmage on Thursday night.

On the Scrimmage:
It was a pretty good day today. We got a lot of physical work in, a lot of runs. Overall, it was a good scrimmage. It was physical. We got close to 100 plays in, which was good.

On the running backs:
I was kind of pleased with the running backs - they keep improving every week. The way they ran the football – early, the defensive line were making plays and stuffing them, but one things I do like about the running backs is they were patient and kept going, kept fighting and had some big runs. That's a true sign of good running backs.

On the defense:
Up front defensively - we have a lot offensive linemen out - but the defense really showed up, especially the tackles with Curtis and Regis. Allen Bailey was making plays left and right. They did a great job up front with the defensive line.

On secondary standouts:
Vaughn Telemaque had a good night tonight. It looked like the Vaughn Telemaque I knew from Long Beach Poly as far as interceptions.

On the receivers:
The wide receivers dropped some passes. Aldarius showed up. Hankerson didn't have a great night, dropped some passes. Aldarius made some 3rd down catches. You see what you wanna improve on. One thing I like about receivers is they blocked the safeties. On the big runs, they were blocking the safeties hard.

On Lamar Miller:
You look at emergence of Lamar. He's been in track. He's a sprinter. He reminds me of what Portis and McGahee were -- big, strong, and can run. You see Storm Johnson tonight, same type of athlete and Mike James. They can get in the open field and make a difference. The 30 yard plays go 60 yards and for touchdowns and now we can get some big plays running the football and not just throwing.

On the quarterbacks:
The quarterbacks didn't do very well. We had too many turnovers but they're learning and they're getting a lot of reps. AJ threw a pick but came back on a nice third a long execution. We went to no huddle and he went down and scored. They have the knowledge to execute what we're doing on offense.

On the offensive line:
In football, it's basically, you make a mistake and that's when big plays come. The Young offensive line kept fighting and doing but they struggled. But the running backs found a crease and receivers were blocking. One time the running back stumbled in backfield, made a play of it, and went for 30 yards. That's a tribute to those guys up front keep fighting.

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