Interview: Stephen Morris

Read on to see what freshman quarterback Stephen Morris was saying after practice on Tuesday.

On his progress:
I'm just trying to earn a spot, trying to help the team.

On A.J. Highsmith:
AJ is a great QB, knows the offense real well. I feel like they're leaders now and I'm learning from them.

On what Coach Whipple wants:
He wants me to get more comfortable in the pocket, what routes are supposed to do, what happens when the blitz comes, things like that. When I get those down, things will come natural.

On his adjustments:
I feel I understand the game speed. I adjusted better than I thought I would. Experience is key -- the more you play, the better you'll be.

On possibly being No. 2:
The coaches haven't said anything. It's not even in my head now.

On his mindset:
Day by day. My mindset is getting better. AJ helps me out every day, Spencer too. Every day I go in read the plays and try to execute on the field.

On his arm strength:
I always had a big arm. That's one of my upsides of being a QB. I love throwing it, will launch it. At the same time, you know what routes you're trying to hit.

On the competition:
You always have it on your mind it's a competition out here. AJ is doing his best in a long time. Spencer is doing amazing. Competition will make you better.

On his scrimmage:
It was exciting but at the same time I wish I would have performed better. It's all a learning experience for me. I felt great out there.

On his throwing distance:
When I was a junior, I threw it 75 yards. I could throw that easy now, maybe hit 80. I haven't thrown like that in a long time.

On his composure:
I know I had a lot more composure but just learning the offense, I'm getting better every night.

On learning the playbook:
At first, it was a big playbook. Coach Whip does a great job of putting it in day by day. You tackle the playbook one day at a time.

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