Interview: Storm Johnson

Read on to see what freshman running back Storm Johnson was saying after practice today.

On the scrimmage:
I felt pretty good, knowing the plays, knowing the playbook. The OLine blocked. We did good as a team and as an offensive unit.

On starting:
That's the goal. I don't wanna ride the bench. I work hard every day to make that known.

On encouragement he's gotten:
The whole team does. When someone does good, we cheer them up. We get encouragement from everyone basically.

On younger guys being able to start:
All the time. They don't look at the year, they look at the player. The best players play.

On today's practice:
It was a regular practice. We didn't have pads on today so you really don't notice that much.

On conditioning goals:
We wanna condition well, get bigger, faster, then go out in the summer and do it again and then be ready to play by August.

On starting:
It's too early but it's a great possibility. I'm working hard every day, pushing everyone else.

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