Interview: Vaughn Telemaque

Read on to see what sophomore safety Vaughn Telemaque was saying after practice Tuesday.

On his spring:
They're letting me roam the field more, get into different disguises. Get a feel for the whole field, not just one side.

On the defense:
The group has really matured really well. We're still maturing. We don't look in the past. We're in the present. Today was a great practice and tomorrow will be a good practice. We're not taking a day off.

On where the defense goes from here:
We wanna go full steam ahead. Wherever we leave spring, we wanna go out in the season and pick right up. The offense and defense wants to go out and get everything done the right way.

On the QB's:
All the quarterbacks are doing a great job. From a QB mindset, they shouldn't be thinking Jacory is the number one guy. They should be working for the number one job. They're all giving us good looks. They're competing and the quarterbacks do that really well.

On his confidence:
It feels good. The confidence is still building and I feel good about it. I've been in a game atmosphere and practice is what prepares us for the game. As long as we keep on practicing, it'll happen in the game. I look for these things to turn into gametime.

On if he has a preference between free and strong:
No I don't.

On his goals moving forward:
Keep on competing, keep getting turnovers, keep coming together as one. Championship is the goal for the season, not just the spring. Fans should expect a championship this season.

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