Interview: Spencer Whipple

Read on to see what quarterback Spencer Whipple was saying after Tuesday's practice.

On today:
The running backs were bouncing some good runs. The passing game, we didn't have many big plays but had a nice catch by AD. We moved the ball pretty well.

On the No. 2 job:
We're all getting equal reps, just like we have from day one in the spring. We're all out there competing. We're not worrying about it too much. Everyone is out there, just having fun.

On how they're preparing:
Right now, Jacory isn't playing so one of us will have to go in. We have to prepare yourself as a starter just in case your number is called, so you're ready to go.

On mistakes:
You can't let it bother you. I've learned that from my dad being here. He doesn't talk about the last one, get to the next one. Good play or bad play, move to the next one. We've all done a good job of that here. We've all come back after throwing a pick, come back and made a good play afterwards.

On the competition:
We'll just see. Everything seems equal now. We still have summer and then Jacory will be coming back. We'll be working hard this summer and we'll see how it plays out.

On what he likes most:
Just everything. I've never gotten this amount of reps in college. Just being out there and getting a fair share of throws, I've grown more comfortable in the offense.

On Stephen Morris:
He's gonna be good. He has a live arm. He's gotten so much better from day one. You forget he's a freshman. Where I was two years ago, he's impressive. He's picking it up real quick and playing at a high level.

On A.J. Highsmith:
A.J. is the same way. He's been here, running the plays, doesn't make mistakes, can make big plays. He's always working hard every day. Since the summer, he was always in my dad's room, going over the playbook. That's paid off real well for him.

On getting Jacory back:
I think it's gonna help a lot. I forget how good he is sometimes, I gotta go back and watch it on tape. When he comes back, he's gonna do his thing.

On which WR's have improved:
I think they all have. Young guys have been playing better. Travis had a good day. AJ has been catching well. Tommy has been doing well. DJ has been coming up at X. Guys have been shiting all over the field, even at tight end since we only have two. They're flexible like that.

On today's touchdowns:
Thearon Collier caught one in the two minute and we had a couple in the redzone.

On the picks by the DB's:
There may have been one interception early. Since day one, the coaches have been harping on turnovers and the defensive backs have been real aggressive. DVD has been real aggressive. With his technique, how he breaks on the ball, sometimes I'm scared to look over there and make a pick. Brandon was out today but he's always swatting the ball, making picks. Vaughn had two picks in the scrimmage and he's always out there flying around. They've all been playing well.

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