Interview: Andrew Smith

Read on to see what junior defensive end Andrew Smith was saying after Wednesday's practice.

On his progress:
Just been focused on getting off the ball, pass rushing, working harder. I'm becoming a junior now so it's time for me to step it up. I just gotta keep working.

On being a junior now:
It's been a learning experience. I got older. Everything has slowed down for me. The offense is better and we're just getting more mature.

On the new D-Line coach:
It's pretty much techniques and stuff. Everything is the same. D-Line is d-line but we're getting different techniques. He emphasizes getting off the ball, feet, and hands.

On the DL depth:
Everybody just has D-Line because the more depth the better. It won't matter who you put on the field, we're all gonna go do what we gotta do and keep working hard.

On sack numbers being down:
The past couple years I've been working on getting off the ball and keep working on pass rush, keep working on getting better.

On spring goals:
Just going out every day, working hard, listening to what Coach Petri has to say, and staying indepth. Everyone's working hard and keeping going.

On his first two seasons:
The first two years for me were a learning experience. I started a couple of games. All those games made me a better D-End. I took off that experience, came out this spring, I'm working harder, and emphasizing trying to get more depth.

On his weight:
I've added a couple pounds. I was at 235 last year and I'm at 242-245 now. It's not really hard, it just takes time. I try putting it on other ways, trying to stay fit.

On being undersized:
It makes my work more difficult but I keep working at it, work on the speed. As the weight goes on, it becomes easier.

On learning new moves:
Coach Petri has old tapes of like NFL and former players, showing a lot of pass rushing moves and using your hands and that's what I've been trying to do.

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