Interview: Jamal Reid

Read on to see what redshirt freshman safety Jamal Reid was saying after Wednesday's practice.

On spring progress:
I'm just studying, reading my keys, and flying around to the ball.

On reps at safety:
It's three of us and we're getting the same amount of reps and getting better.

On what coaches are saying:
After the first scrimmage coach told me that my hustle, my effort, and the way I found the ball allowed me to start with the ones. I just went out and made plays and since then I just kept my effort up and kept working hard.

On a strong scrimmage:
It made me feel better, made me feel like I'm competing and getting better every day. Coaches tell me to keep my hustle up.

On redshirting in 2009:
I knew I had it in me but I got kinda down on myself after fall. I knew I had to get better, get in the playbook, and meet with the coaches.

On why he was that way:
Coming in as one of the big recruits, I expected to play but I wasn't paying attention in meetings and the coaches and after that, I knew I had to pick it up and study my plays and things like that. It was a freshman thing, with a big head, like I'm all big and bad and not giving the effort and not paying attention in meetings.

On who helped turn him:
Teammates, coaches, family, and myself. I had to get the right attitude. I didn't come in with the right attitude. I got it straightened out and now I'm playing.

On spring goals:
Getting better in man coverage and in blitz coverage and just reading my keys at safety and calling plays right.

On any injuries last fall:
I sprained my ankle and it was very frustrating. I sat out a lot and had to go on scout team. Jo Jo Nicolas played on scout team too and he helped me with a lot of stuff.

On FSU and Florida:
They recruited me hard but they never offered me. Coach Mullen and Hevesy recruited me at Mississippi State and I visited there but I liked Miami better.

On if Florida had offered:
I would have looked at them but I knew I was coming here, knew where I wanted to be. I was a Gator fan growing up but my mom was a Hurricane fan. I looked at both teams but I wanted to be a Hurricane ever since I came on a visit.

On baseball:
I wanna try to play next year. If everything goes well, I love baseball too. It was my favorite sport growing up. My coach played in the MLB for 15 years. I play center. I was gonna get drafted but he wanted me to come here and he told me Miami had a good baseball program.

On big plays today:
I had one on Mike James. He hit me but I hit him back. I didn't back down because I'm a little guy. I came in with my head down and stuck him. I had a good man coverage on the tight end and stuff like that, one pass break up. We had three turnovers, two fumbles and a pick. Nate Gholston (had the pick).

On his weight:
I gained 10 pounds. I'm 182. I'm gonna try getting bigger and stay faster. Coach wants me to get bigger and faster. He'll like that. I'm gonna try to gain weight for my personal goal.

On his strength:
My bench and my squat came up since I've been here. I bench 215 and now it's 250. My squat came up dramatically. It was 175 and now it's 275. I can get more than that though.

On the spring game:
It's big for me. I'm gonna show I can compete and show coach I'm ready to play next season so it's big for me.

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