Interview: Allen Bailey

Read on to see what senior defensive end Allen Bailey was saying after Wednesday's practice.

On spring goals:
Just learning the new stuff that Coach Petri is teaching us. Just get better at it, day by day. It's all new D-Line stuff. We got the same defense though.

On what's changed:
A lot of stuff changed, from stance wise to the way we do stuff. You get used to it.

On his focus:
The focus was getting to understand his terminology as D-Line coach and try to teach the young boys as much as I can and learn as much as possible.

On playing DE full time:
I'm fine with it. It gives me a chance to focus on one thing. I'm fine with it.

On being flexible:
Who knows, you never know where I'll be needed at. It's still (my preference).

On his weight:
I've tried to stay consistent. I stay between 282 and 285, something like that. I don't really put on weight or lose weight. I can not work out for a month and will lose 4 or 5 pounds. I won't put on pounds though.

On the D-Line:
All the dudes, everyone is having a pretty good spring. We have depth in numbers. Our rotation is good so everyone stays fresh so everyone's getting better.

On Andrew Smith:
He's playing the run better. The new stance has helped a lot and I've seen improvements in his pass rushing ability. The last time I was 235 for me was ninth grade. It's tough playing against these 6-7, 300 pound tackles but he has the quickness and everything.

On Micanor Regis:
I've seen change in his whole work ethic. Coming back, he'll probably be a junior so he's at that age now where it's kind of expected of him. He's pretty solid now.

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