Interview: Adewale Ojomo

Read on to see what junior defensive end Adewale Ojomo was saying after Wednesday's practice.

On his spring goals:
Every day you gotta come out to work. Every day or you will lose your spot. Andrew Smith, Olivier Vernon, Allen Bailey, Marcus Robinson, Steven Wesley, there's a lot of dominant defensive ends. Competition is gonna bring out the best in this team.

On today's practice:
Everyone had sacks as far as I can remember.

On being in a big rotation:
I don't change my expectations at all. I just wait till my number is called and stay humble.

On personal goals:
I really don't have any personal ambition as far as me being that guy or starting. I just wanna be a contributor and be a part of something great.

On improvement:
The whole trick to it is strength. If your squat goal is up, you can carry the weight. I'm running very well and my squat is very good. It's up about 60 pounds. It went from 405 to 465.

On being a complete player:
That's always the plan. To be honest with you, I've always been a run stopper and a great one on one pass rusher.

On Andrew Smith:
From when Andrew Smith first stepped on campus until now, he's made major strides. He can pass rush, stop the run, he's good with the plays. He's came a long way.

On Smith being 235 last season:
It's very hard. He has worked hard to get his strength numbers and weight up in general.

On Micanor Regis:
Very dominating guy, consistently. Day in and day out, spring games, spring practice. That's what makes you good. That's what takes you over the stop. That's what makes you All American or All ACC. You gotta want it day in and day out, gotta be consistent.

On if Regis has that upside:
It's real early but from watching this spring, he's doing a good job. We just gotta see in fall camp. We'll see.

On his injury last season:
I just think it was a minor setback. I think I gotta make a major comeback now. Once you feel sorry for yourself, things don't look good. You just gotta suck it up and keep going.

On what support he got:
Just my teammates, they supported me. I haven't heard from (the other person involved in the incident) or had any contact with him.

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