Pro Day Interview: Dedrick Epps

Pro Timing Day was today at the University of Miami and was there. Tight end Dedrick Epps turned in a solid performance. Read on to see what he was saying afterwards.

On today's workout:
I think I did pretty good today, my numbers, they weren't what I expected them to be, but you know coming from the University of Miami we always set out high expectations and our goals higher than others, I got a lot of feedback they said was good so.

On his 40:
I can't remember the exact number, they weren't telling us. But I mean, they said it was good, so that's all them as long as they are satisfied with it.

On 40 range:
Fully healthy, my best was a 4.53. I sustained a turf toe injury back in February but that's good now, I don't think it was a 4.53, but I think it was good coming off of a turf toe injury.

On whether conditions have effected running:
It wasn't slippery, they said we were running into the wind, I didn't feel that as a factor against me. You know you gonna play football in the wind, you gonna play football in the rain, you gonna play snow, so you can't let things like that be a major factor. You gonna have to deal with it, it's a part of playing football.

On stress from today compared to what the combine would have been:
It's the same, you know. You always want to do your best, you want to keep professional, you have to remember this is a business so you have to carry yourself accordingly. You have to just give it your best and at the end of the day, whatever happens that's how it is, that's the cards your dealt.

On tougher questions they asked:
I can't really say what's a tough question. You know you pretty much just answer them to the best of your ability. I can't say I have had any tough questions.

On comparison to Jimmy:
That's life you know. I had nothing to do with that, Jimmy is a very good athlete, he came here and showed his football ability, his catching skills, his route running. You know when Jimmy first came in, we took him in, we welcomed him to the tight end unit, we worked with him in the areas that he needed help with, it was another asset for us. You know more tight ends, more depth at that position, and that keeps everybody fresh during the games. I was glad when Jimmy converted over to football.

On who is representing him:
Bret Tessler.

On working with Jimmy:
Me and Jimmy do a lot of drills catching wise, route running. He introduced two drills to me, a couple of days ago. We try to do a lot of extra work together. He comes to me more on the block aspect, he wants to work on that. I mean I don't feel like I'm the best blocker, but I try to give advice that I have picked up from the other tight ends that I've watched being here my previous years. We just try to help each other out, cause in the end we are all on the same team.

On who throws to you:
Sometimes we'll throw to ourselves. Sometime we might have Swasey throw to us, Sevesy might throw to us. He played quarterback in high school, so we get someone with a little bit of experience. But most of the time we do drills that don't really need a quarterback. It's just two guys around you, you may change the difficulty, you might lay on the ground catch with just a hand, you might turn your back, to turn around and catch the ball. So it's not really a need of a quarterback, or someone that's throwing the ball that you need running routes. You just do more stationary drills.

On drills replicating game scenarios:
Yeah, that's what you want to do. Compare that to something that may happen in a game, and you want to try to make it difficult, so when it happens in a game its easier, that helps with the gameplan.

On who he saw that helped themselves the most today:
I think Tervaris Johnson helped himself a lot, because he was under the radar. A lot of people don't know about Tervaris Johnson. We have a lot of talent at the tight end position, and he is just one of those guys that nobody really knows about him, because he came as a safety and then converted over to tight end and his junior year he played a lot of special teams, but this year he helped us out with the H-back he did a lot of motioning with picking up a lot of the blocking on the end, he is a tremendous athlete, very flexible, fast.

On Tervaris Johnson's times:
I don't know his times exactly but I heard they were good. Swasey said the tight end unit did good today, we always set our numbers high. We're kinda down on ourselves, but Swasey said the scouts liked what they saw. If you are hard on yourself and nobody can be harder on yourself than you, and if we keep that attitude and that mentality, I think we can go far.

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