Pro Day Interview: Chavez Grant

Pro Timing Day at the University of Miami was on Friday and was there for all the action. Read on to see what cornerback Chavez Grant was saying afterwards.

On his performance today:
I think I did pretty well. I was excited to see everybody else perform. I was kinda happy for everybody and the performances they dealt. Some guys could have done a little better in some things, but you know it is what it is. There are a lot of nerves out there. I'm pretty satisfied.

On being nervous and trouble sleeping from it:
Na, Jabar said he couldn't sleep and Sam said he couldn't sleep, but the way I look at it, some of these drills and running, I been doing this thing my whole life. It's just another day, the only thing different about it is there are different guys watching you do it now, so you know I try to treat it like another workout. I definitely put out my best effort, so you know I'm satisfied.

On 40 time:
I'm not sure., I think somewhere in the 4.5 area. Somewhere in there. It's pretty decent. 5 is faster than I usually run. When I first got here I ran 4.8 something. Swasey's worked wonders for me.

On whether football is his dream or does he want to go into business:
It's kinda in the middle because I have been playing football for so long. I love the sport, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if just seeing me dad in the business world growing up, wanting to follow in his footsteps, I got a big dream to want to be in the business world too. I just like to wear suit, but I still like both of my dreams, I'm gonna try this football thing until it's exhausted, then I am going to use my degree and go on and do whatever else.

On workouts lined up with specific teams:
No, not yet, not yet. I'm gonna talk a little more with my agent and then getting him working on a little more and see what comes up.

On who his agent is:
Glenn Schwartz.

On willing to play other positions including special teams:
Definitely, definitely. I did that here my whole career. I played mostly nickel, played corner, played safety here and there when needed, played a lot of special teams. A lot of guys know me for the big hits and stuff, punt returns and things like that. I mean, I'm willing to do whatever.

On feelings toward Fox:
I mean Fox, I do feel bad for Fox, because he is a great guy, it's pretty bad that it had to happen to him on this day. I still feel like he's a great player, and when these teams watch film they'll know that he's a great player. Even though big players get injured, but like I said he's a great player, he's a good guy, I don't think it's that bad for him. I think he'll still get some looks.

On when players get injured and the mood after:
You know initially when it happened your like man, why'd that have to happen to Fox, but it's just like in the game. If you think about it, Fox goes down someone has to replace him. So kinda in a way we try to move on, but at the same time we want him to get as healthy as he can be.

On Jimmy Graham's toughness:
Yeah, I call him Jimmy "Money Man" Graham. So yeah, I think he's tough enough. Once you see him play basketball, he's one of the most aggressive players down there in the paint, so I think it transfers. It's not that he's not tough in football, he's just not used to the contact. The contact at that speed, and you know being that physical. I think that's the only thing about him. Once he gets used to absorbing those hits, he'll be fine.

On going against him in practice:
It's always a match up because he has those long arms and he's tenacious. He's going to give it everything he's got. Even on routes, you know he's that tall, and he jumps like a 40 inch vertical, so you know I'm like 5'10" and I'm jumping like 36, 37. I'm behind the 8 ball, it's always a curious match up when he latches on, but I mean he gives his best effort, he does.

On body position from Jimmy coming from basketball:
Yeah, sometimes he reverts back to basketball and he'll push off a little bit, but you know the more he plays football, the more he'll get out of that. He'll be fine.

On who could be the next big thing:
I gotta say my boy Brandon. Our boy Brandon Harris. I gotta say my boy, you know cause we've been down for a long time. I know his work ethic and I know what he's going to put into it, and I know what he can do. I know his game is all around, and I know he has those leadership qualities. So I feel like he is going to be one of those big leaders on that defense.

On what aspects of Brandon's game have improved because of track:
I think just his overall knowledge of the game. He's always been a track runner. He's always had a long stride. I think the track we'll give him the confidence to feel like he can run with the receivers. Along with that confidence comes the confidence to take a little risk. Takes some risks you might make some big plays. You might make some mistakes, but at that same time, when you take those risks and you make plays, people will recognize that.

On whether he sees him as the guy that can make plays next year:
Definitely, definitely. Without a doubt. I think he can make a big impact.

On what he is mastering in:
International administration. I started in January, I'll probably be done next spring. I'm trying for December, but it'll probably end up being next spring.

On who the media goes to for quotes once he is gone:
Brandon is pretty good. I gotta pass the baton to Brandon.

On if the junior year is when players become leaders:
I think so, I think so. I think it is the junior year, because the freshman and sophomore year you are kinda learning the ropes. And your sophomore year you kinda get some trust under your belt from the guys, and your junior year is the year where you are probably coming full circle. Guys are really trusting you, your really believing in yourselves, and you know how everything goes. It was just like me, I became a captain at the end of my sophomore year. You know so going into my junior, I feel like the junior year is that year. And then your senior year, now you are well established, you take the reigns and you kinda lead the scene however you can.

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