Pro Day Interview: A.J. Trump

Pro Timing Day at the University of Miami was on Friday and was there for all the action. Read on to see what offensive lineman A.J. Trump was saying.

On how today went:

It went pretty well. You know, everyone always expects to do a little bit better than actually do. You have these times that you've ran, they're your best time and that's kinda what you put in your head that you're going to run, but I had no major mess ups, and I ran my times I've been running consistently so I'm pretty happy with it. I kinda new going in to today that I've already laid the frame work with my last season and the all-star games, so I was kinda just going to show them that I've been working hard and I'm ready to go.

On pressure:
It's crazy because you are not used to being an individual. When you play football, and especially o-line, you're highlighted, but it's a team, guys can pick you up. When you are out there and you line up for your 40, you're all alone. It's a different feeling.

On what things he was working on to better prepare:
Just overall. I was just trying to work as hard as I could. I didn't have any major deficiencies. I have some things I need to work on here and there. You can always lose a little bit of body fat and stuff like that. It was always just come out and work as hard as you can.

On if he does a lot of sprint work:
Yeah, a lot of time in the sand pit. And get offs and starts and Olympic style lifts.

On times in drills:
I'm not sure on a lot of them. I know I jumped, I think, a 28, I broad jumped an 8.4, I 40'd, I think, I've heard anything from a 5.1 to 5.2, and that was into the wind, so I feel pretty decent about that. And then L drill, I didn't get into the 5.10. I ran the 40 just twice. I wish we could have a had a couple more opportunities, but guys were you know, falling off, and you don't wanna get people hurt. I benched 225 at 25 reps.

On private workouts:
I got workouts right now with the Lions, Titans, and the Bucs. I'm assuming they are the most interested, but you never know. Sometimes a team likes you and they get a chance to pick you up. I'm just looking forward to getting my foot in the door somewhere.

On whether he has worked on longsnapping:
No. It could help but it's just, I actually volunteered to do it in the East West game, I tried to learn it a little bit, but they've been so focused on the football stuff, you know besides the long snapping, it's just been kind of a hard thing to learn right now.

On whether he recognized team representatives:
There were a couple of guys that I recognized because of the East West game. Too many to name, but pretty much every team was here. It was good to see them. Some of them I interviewed with at the East West game. It was a good experience.

On scratch he sustained:
It was funny me and Joe Joseph, we were kidding because we have been workout partners the whole deal, we go what if they make us go one and one. We line up and they were like, all right we are just going to have you guys sit. And you know once here, when you say ok sit each other, whether you have pads on or not it's full on, we kinda went at it, it was funny but it went well.

On whether scouts liked it:
Yeah, I hope so. Anything. They tell you to take two steps and stop, but you know you kinda got to go more than two steps.

On field conditions from rain:
It was a little slick. I mean I've been out working out on this field, not enough to affect you a whole lot.

On what players helped themselves the most:
Moncore. Sam after what he's been through. Moncore especially because he is so athletic, and I think they just wanted to see him healthy. If that kid can stay healthy, the skies the limit for him. He did everything. I don't know what he ran, but I talked to him and he said he did well.

On Sam Shields:
I heard he did a 4.28. I mean, that's flying.

On whether he has a rep:
Derek Fox from San Diego. He's got Steve Smith and a couple of other guys.

On whether he was disappointed to see Jason go down with an injury:
Yeah, cause especially when you have been through so much with the guy and you have seen him play injured and stuff like that. It's just been a difficult road for him, he kinda gave his heart and soul to this team, now he's kinda paying the price for it. He'll bounce back. I have told him many times, I went and played in that all star game and he can block all those guys. I have seen the guys he's been blocking, and he can block em, he'll get his shot and he'll be a established NFL player.

On whether he saw him fall:
I heard an O and then I saw him hit.

On whether he looks at the website projecting people to go in the draft:
I try not to. I'm going to be a free agent, I'm pretty sure. My agent has told me, he's like, "Yeah you might get drafted." So I am assuming I am going to be a free agent. That's actually a good situation for me, because if I get hit in the sixth or seventh, then I don't get to choose where I want to go. It will work out well. I'm more excited, you know I had a pretty decent pro day, I'm more excited about getting my foot in the door somewhere else and getting to represent the university.

On how everything comes down to workouts:
I've heard things where you know your film is 90% of what they grade you on. They understand, you pull a hamstring. Jason just came off of surgery a couple of months ago. He's going to be fine. He might not get drafted as high as he'd like, but he's a good football player and he will be a NFL player.

On whether he can say anything about Jason being hurt:
No, no. There is nothing you can say to a guy when he gets hurt. I've been through it before. It's how it is man. When you can't get healthy. It's something you have to look at yourself and say I can beat this, and he'll do that.

On being at this stage of his life now:
It's crazy. I was just talking to ***Clm McCarthy. It's going to be here before you know it. It's crazy. It seems like yesterday I got here and I didn't know where the cafeteria was and now I'm getting ready to leave. It was a fun experience and I wouldn't take anything back.

On if the U is where he has been training:

On UM career:
Yeah, it's been a heck of a ride. I've kinda feel like I became a man, going through so many things, and the death of Brian, and fights, and Coach Coker, and going through so many offensive coordinators, you know you kinda get built up to that adversity, and what this senior class did on our way out is very special, hopefully these younger guys are going to carry it on, and they are working their tails off. It's going to feel good to be part, I mean I want be part of what they are going to do, but I will be part of that group that kinda turned it around.

On how special being part of the UM was:
As a personal thing, you know, I got here and wanted to make sure I could play. I got on the field finally and I got injured, and I couldn't get healthy. And then finally when you make that breakthrough and you start your first game, it was a big moment for me, it was Florida State at home, it was crazy. It's a child hood dream come true.

On whether he can still grow with the position:
Yeah, yes. Especially at center. I got one year at it, and I felt like I played pretty well. I still have some work to do, snapping was still a little, I got better but it's still one of those things that I got to work on, but I still feel I can put my hand in the ground and play guard. It's one of those things.

On whether tackle is out of the picture:
Yes sir.

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