Pro Day Interview: Darryl Sharpton

Pro Timing Day at the University of Miami was on Friday and was there for all the action. Read on to see what linebacker Darryl Sharpton was saying afterwards.

On today's performance:
I did all the drills. I did the 40, the bench press, the vertical, and I made improvements on everything, so I'm pretty happy with what I did out there today. I think I showed the scouts what they wanted to see today.

On todays 40 time:

On previous 40 time:
4.7 in Indianapolis.

On bench:
Bench press I went from 24 to 26.

On other drills:
The 20 yard shuttle I did 4.2. Broad jump 10.1.

On comfort level of working out at own facility:
I don't know, like I said there are always room for improvement no matter where you are in your life. You can always improve on things, I don't think anybody ever reaches their ceiling. So I just improve, I work harder and improve.

On stress from drills:
I wouldn't say stressful, it's more anxious you know. As far sleep last night, tossing and turning, waking up every thirty minutes checking the clock, you wanna get up, you wanna do it, just anxious because everyone has been talking about this day, and it's just very exciting.

On whether his career has gone fast:
Yeah, it has. I'm looking at the spring practices, looking at guys, the younger guys, and it's just amazing how I used to be in their shoes and now I'm here. It just seems like snap, it went by so quickly.

On improvements worked on:
I've worked on, I guess my total body. I've been working on everything. My speed, agility, my strength. Just getting in tip top conditioning for the next level.

On what round he will be drafted:
You know I'm a confident guy. I expect the best. I think I'm one of the best linebackers in the nation and I expect to get drafted accordingly.

On biggest thing scouts are looking for:
It's everything you know. There are guys wanting the total package, they want a guy who is intelligent, a guy who is tough, a guy who has physical natural gifts, and they are looking for guys who have the best combination of all these things, and that's my job to go out there and show them that I possess these qualities.

On if there are individual workouts lined up:
I got to talk to my agent and we are going to plan out the schedule.

On who his agent is:

On willingness to play special teams and if he has talked to teams about it:
Definitely. I mean I played special teams at UM and I've identified all the special teams that I'm able to play, and that's also something that I can contribute to as well.

On 40 times:

On measurement at combine:
I was 5'11.6"

On weight at the combine:
At the combine I was 236.

On happiness with weight:
I'm happy with that. I feel like I can move well at that weight.

On working out at UM:
I worked out at two places. I worked out at **, then I worked out at UM. I did both.

On where the other place was:
It's a place called Pomriddle Performance Systems.

On whether anything of the process surprised him:
Not really I think I over prepared because I mentally told myself that it was going to be hard work, strain, a drain, so I've prepared myself both mentally and physically for the challenge. After the Senior Bowl, everything just went down, down in terms of the impact it had on me, the surprise, so after the Senior Bowl, the combine wasn't that big of a shock, and progressively towards this pro day.

On limitations:
What I say to people like that, is turn on the film. I mean, I'm able to be a top competitor, a top linebacker against guys who they say are optimal size. My height has never been a handicap for me, I have always been able to be productive with the way I am right now.

On becoming a playmaker and tapping potential:
Yeah, like I said you can always improve on stuff. The last 3 or 4 games of the season is when I felt the healthiest and that's when I was able to display my power, display my gifts.

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