Pro Day Interview: Jimmy Graham

Pro Timing Day at the University of Miami was on Friday and was there for all the action. Read on to see what tight end Jimmy Graham was saying afterwards.

On preparation for today:
I was pretty prepared for it. I had seen a lot of film on guys before. I had watched some of Jeremey Shockey's pro day so I was pretty prepared for it.

On what he drills today:
I ran the 5x10x5 because at the combine I slipped and they wouldn't let me do it again. Did well. Just did all the positioning drills. I'm pretty happy with how I did.

On whether it's more comforting having your pro day at your home field:
Definitely, It always more comfortable when you are down here in south Florida. This is where I train everyday, so definitely.

On not doing 40:
I already ran a 4.5 at the combine under pretty stressful situations. I think people know I'm fast, that I can catch, and that I didn't really need to run it again. I was told not to run it again.

On being top guy coming from UM and whether that boggles his mind:
I don't know, for me, it's something kind of hard to think about. I'm just excited to have the opportunity to play in the NFL. To me just the opportunity is a dream come true. I kinda can't wait for that day.

On still learning the sport:
I've learned a lot, I mean it's been a pretty intense couple of months for me. I had the opportunity to work and train with some very very smart guys, Nomazoni, Frank Wycheck. I mean people have really crowded around me and taught me a lot, not only about the game, but little techniques, just kinda educating me on what to be ready for, my first mini camp. I am an even more complete player than I was at the end of this season.

On what he has done to address questions about toughness and blocking:
At the Senior Bowl I did address that. One on one pass blocking drills, in practice I was actually fullback for two days, just showing that I am a physical player, and that I do have the ability to block and I want to block. I know the greatest tight ends in the NFL, they are blockers, that's something that I am going to have to be able to do, not only catch but block as well.

On irony of being enforcer in basketball and people are questioning toughness in football:
That;s just something you have to deal with. I remember coming in here last August and people saying lets see what this basketball player can do. I am going to be targeted as a basketball player, I'm sure for another couple of months. I think you know, after camp, and after a couple of games, I'll be able to show people that I am a football player.

On where toughness issue comes from:
I am not really sure. I know when teams look at what I have been through in my life, what I have been through in college, what I have been through in high school even, and throughout pretty much my entire life that I have had to be tough, and that I have had to be on my own and pushing forward. I think when they see, and know those things, they won't really have any questions about it.

On difference between basketball and football:
Besides fouls not really. It's a little different. More or less I was a guy that who was hitting people and now people are hitting me.

On who agent is:
Jimmy Sexton.

On whether he has had breakfast with anyone today:
No. I saw the coach at the gas station and that was it. My day starts on Monday. I have to visit a lot of teams, and I've got a lot of visits and a lot of workout to do.

On who he has planned visits with:
My agent has it. It's quite a bit. I'll probably be gone for the next couple of weeks.

On how many teams:
8 or 10 of them.

On what round he is hoping for:
I hear a lot of different things. I don't know. I'm just going to hope for the best. To me it's not really where I go, it's about what I go. For me, I know there is a lot of work ahead of me. I'm just waiting to get into a camp and having the ability to show people what I can do. That's what it's really about for me.

On who influenced him to give football a shot:
Bernie Kosar. Bennie Kosar was a big part of that. I actually worked with him all last summer, he drove down three days a week to throw to me, he can actually still throw. He's still got a cannon, he was the one who kept pushing me and telling me Jimmy I think one day you can be a playmaker in the NFL. We'll see.

On hearing that from Bernie Kosar:
I'll be honest I was like what is this guy talking about. Bernie is a great guy, he calls me once a week and gives me advice. It's never about what he's doing, it's always what I need to do out there on the field. He sends me drills to do every week, he's a good guy.

On working with Tebow and what he makes of his throwing motion:
Well, I was there during the beginning. I was there in January when he was starting to change his mechanics. We have the same agent, and I got the opportunity to meet him and see him throw. His motion is completely different. I watched it evolve. He had a great pro day. I'm hearing good things about him. I know the kid can win. I just wish the best for him.

On working out with the Dolphins:
I have a workout in about a week and half with them. It taught me a lot. It's the first time I got that coaching at the NFL level. There was a couple of times where Saprano took me off to the side and kinda gave me some extra help with what I should do to be even more open and not have to worry about my speed as much. I really did learn a lot, kinda how there week would go, how the first day, they unload you with plays and then you go out and you are supposed to produce.

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