Spring Game Analysis (offense)

Miami's annual spring football game took place on Saturday and CanesTime.com was there. Read on to get an offensive review of the team's performance today.

I just got back from watching Miami's spring football game. It went really well. The team played for a little over two hours today and over the next couple days we'll have a position-by-position breakdown of the team along with a photo gallery, several interviews, and much more. I'll start with a quick review based on what I thought.

QB: Three quarterbacks shared the reps today and all three were given plenty of opportunities in various situations. Spencer Whipple and AJ Highsmith, while they both made some plays, never seemed to find a good rhythm. The best one, the most comfortable, was true freshman Stephen Morris. He seemed to have good command of the offense, made the best throws, and had a good day.

RB: The reps were divided between the top four guys -- Damien Berry, Storm Johnson, Mike James, and Lamar Miller. I didn't even see Graig Cooper on the sidelines with the other injured players. Berry got a lot of carries late in the scrimmage and stared making some big runs. James was the running the hardest, breaking the most tackles. Miller is the fastest UM RB to get to the corner in a long time. Johnson seemed to be a little timid today and looked like the 4th best of the group. John Calhoun and Pat Hill shared the fullback duties.

WR: The biggest playmaker on the day was Travis Benjamin. He came up with a lot of big plays in the passing game and is definitely a big play guy for the Canes. The most active was probably Kendal Thompkins. He was getting open alot, has the confidence of his QBs, and caught a lot of balls. Laron Byrd and Leonard Hankerson also made some big plays but Benjamin and Thompkins were the standouts.

TE: Richard Gordon caught a few balls but they're so far behind last year's group right now. Gordon and Sanders can block but as far as how much they'll be a part of the passing game this season remains a question and today didn't really help answer that.

OL: Playing without two starters (Franklin and Figs), this unit struggled a lot. The one side had most of the starters. The two left tackles were Benjamin Jones and Cory White. Jones was better today. The right tackles were Jermaine Johnson and Stephen Plein and Johnson was better. Brandon Washington and Harland Gunn played together and had better days than the Jared Wheeler/Malcolm Bunch tandem. The centers were Shane McDermott and Tyler Horn and neither really stood out too much.

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