Shannon recaps spring game

Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying following the team's spring football game this weekend.

On spring scrimmage:
It was a good spring scrimmage. A lot of good things on both sides of the football. We had some turnovers., the defense created. We some big runs by the running back. Travis had a couple of big plays in the receiver position. The quarterbacks did a nice job. That's what spring practice is supposed to be about. And spring games, to see how much fun you can go out there and have. I broke the team up, the competition was unbelievable, so both sides of football had big games. At the end of the day, we kicked a field goal, I think about a 40 yard field goal or something like that and now you improved and you gotta take the next step to the off season to improve in the weight room, to improve in the conditioning, to improve on everything we are trying to get done for the upcoming season.

On quarterback improvement:
They did a nice job all season. I think all three quarterbacks did a nice job running off. We was basic and simple on defense. But they executed. You know we had some turnovers as far as interceptions and things like that but as far as making the right choices and making the right plays and getting the ball to the place. He got the ball to Aldarius on a fade route going to the endzone, and threw the ball to Travis, lot of speed and a lot of things like that. They are understanding and recognizing the match ups that we have and they are taking advantage of it.

On #2 quarterback:
No decision on number 2. That goes into the fall.

On Steven's improvement:
That's what I was talking about, all three of them did a nice job. The pass to Travis, that was Stephen, Highsmith had a couple of touchdown passes. So it was all good.

On Travis's play:
It was a big day for him. It was a really big day for him. He didn't have anything that rocked our scrimmage. He had a couple of plays but didn't make em, but then he came out today and he made some big plays for himself. The one thing I will say about the offense, is that if somebody has an off day, somebody else will step up. Last couple of scrimmage, Storm Johnson had some big plays. You had Lamar Miller, Mike James, and Damien had a big day. Early in the spring, Laron Byrd was making some big plays and things like that, and when you come back you see Travis did what he did, and you have Hankerson as a big play. Even Richard's had some big plays today from the tight end position. So we feel confident about our offense and guys making big plays, and somebody's not ready, and are kinda off that day, well somebody else will step up. That comes from having quality backups and quality competition at a position, that makes it easy for you.

On anyone standing out on defense:
Not a top one. Ray Ray had an interception, Colin had an interception, D-Line had a couple of sacks. I really can't tell until I watch tape.

On what the schedule looks like:
Well school. The month of April is all school and the weight room. That's what it's all about now, we ain't in the season late April, as far as finals and things like that, so it's to really concentrate on academics for the players, and it's for us to review the spring tape in the morning and in the afternoon we will work on recruiting for a month.

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